25 Myths About The Middle Ages You Probably Thought Were True

The Middle Ages don’t have a very good reputation. From rampant beheading and ignorance to disease and war, Hollywood has helped propagate some ideas that aren’t true, or at least not entirely. These are 25 myths about the Middle Ages you probably thought were true.

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Women were constantly brutalized

Medieval peasantsSource: listverse.com

Once again, there is truth to this, but as with the other items on this list, not nearly as much as you would think. It largely depended on the exact part of Europe because the continent wasn’t as homogenous as it is today.


The Middle Ages were extremely violent

Medieval battlefieldSource: mic.com

While the Middle Ages were not exempt from violence there is no evidence that this particular time period was any more or less violent than other periods in history.


All peasants ever did was back breaking work

CheckersSource: medievalists.net/

It wasn’t easy being a peasant. That’s for sure. But they knew how to have fun too. Both chess and checkers came to us from this time period.


And they never took a bath

Wooden tubSource: localhistories.org

Enough with these sweeping generalizations. There are plenty of people today who don’t shower either. But seriously, they were more into bathing than we give them credit for. There was even a French phrase – “Venari, ludere, lavari, bibere; Hoc est vivere!” (To hunt, to play, to wash, to drink, – This is to live!)


Everybody had a thatched roof

Thatched roofSource: getting-medieval.com

Props to you. This one could almost pass for true. In fact, even castles had thatched roofs. Come to think of it, some houses in England still have thatched roofs today! Why? Because they worked. Thatched roofs weren’t the leaky pile of straw you think they were.

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