25 Mysterious Disappearances Throughout History

In this wide, big world, people can easily disappear without a trace. It’s almost like they’re pulling their own magic trick. One minute they’re there, and the next minute they vanish into thin air. We can have theories and educated guesses as to what happened, but in the end, we really won’t ever know for sure. One thing we do know, they’re always truly fascinating. Here are 25 Mysterious Disappearances Throughout History.


Felix Moncla

Felix Moncla JrSource: http://www.nuforc.org

In November 1953, Felix Moncla was a United States Air Force pilot on assignment in Michigan at Kinross Airforce Base. One day, he was sent to check on an unidentified aircraft flying over Soo Locks in Lake Superior, which is restricted airspace. When he flew out there to check things out, the radar showed Moncla and the unidentified aircraft overlapping each other at one point. However, soon after, only one remained, and the UFO flew north and disappeared from the radar. No trace of Moncla or his aircraft remained and the encounter has been a mystery every since.


Richard Halliburton

Richard_HalliburtonSource: http://www.smithsonianmag.com

Richard Halliburton was a traveler, adventurer, and author much in the same vein as Amelia Earhart. He swam across the Panama Canal and traveled to exotic locations. For his last trip, he salvaged an old Chinese junk ship and planned to sail it from Hong Kong to San Francisco. However, during his travels, he mysteriously disappeared at sea. The US Navy undertook an extensive search and rescue mission but to no avail. In his last communication, he indicated he was facing a heavy storm. It’s likely the ship didn’t stand a chance.


Percy Fawcett

Percy FawcettSource: http://www.history.com

A well-known archeologist and British explorer, Percy Fawcett became obsessed with what he called “The Lost City of Z,” an ancient city buried deep in the Amazon. In 1925, with his son and son’s best friend, Fawcett set out to find what he considered his El Dorado. Tragically, all three mysteriously vanished without a trace. Many later explorers tried to track down Fawcett but with no luck. In recent years, one explorer discovered a tribe in the jungle had kept an oral tradition of a white man meeting with them. They warned him not to go any further because of another dangerous tribe, but he ignored them. They believe he was attacked by this tribe.


The Roanoke Colonists

RoanokeSource: http://www.history.com

In 1587, a large group of 115 British colonists landed at Roanoke Colony off the Island of Roanoke which is in modern day North Carolina. Commissioned by Sir Walter Raleigh, John White was the governor of the colony. Later that year, John White sailed back to England to get new supplies, leaving behind his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. When he reached England, his ship was commandeered by Queen Elizabeth I because a major naval war broke out between England and Spain. He couldn’t return until 1590, three years after he left. When he arrived, the colony was gone. The only thing left behind was the word “Croatoan” on a wood post. Theories abound of what might have happened, including disease, migration, and being abducted or killed by nearby native tribes.


Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose bierceSource: http://articles.latimes.com

An author and satirist known for The Devil’s Dictionary and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce’s work was dark and cynical, confusing many around him. His witty tongue, sarcastic nature, and mockery eventually caught up with him, isolating him from friends and family. At the age of 71, he crossed the Rio Grande and was never seen again. His fame exploded during his disappearance, but no one figured out what happened to him. One theory claims he was murdered by Poncho Villa during the Mexican Revolution.

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