25 Mysterious Deaths That We Will Never Be Able To Explain

It’s hard to let go the mysterious deaths that we will never be able to explain. While armchair detectives certainly can become obsessed, imagine the torment unsolved deaths inflict on the families and police closely connected to the case. Like a puzzle begging to be solved, it’s easy to think there’s one missing piece needed to solve it and crack it wide open. But, tragically, sometimes the puzzle will never be solved. The mystery will remain. And we’ll be left scratching our heads on what really happened. Be warned, these creepy unsolved deaths are quite grisly and explicit. So, naturally, viewer discretion is advised. Here are 25 Mysterious Deaths That We Will Never Be Able To Explain.

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The Grimes Sisters

Grimes_SistersSource: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/elvis-presley-loving-grimes-sisters-found-dead-60-years-article-1.2922567

It was 1956 in Chicago, just a few days after Christmas, when the Grimes sisters, Barbara, 15, and Patricia, 13, begged their mother to let them go on a bus trip to see Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley’s first movie. They were huge fans so their mother agreed. A month later, a construction worker driving down a road in Willow Springs, Ill. discovered their dead, frozen bodies. After the autopsy, they found no stab or bullet wounds. They concluded the girls died from freezing temperatures. Rumors swirled about what the girls had been up to, including going out drinking with secret lovers and hanging out with drifters. It had been determined from the autopsy Barbara had sex, but they couldn’t know if it was consensual. The case grew cold as time went on. Before their bodies were found and the hunt was on to find them, Elvis Presley sent a personal message to them, “If you are good Presley fans, you’ll go home and ease your mother’s worries.”


The Villisca Axe Murders

villiscaSource: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-ax-murderer-who-got-away-117037374/

A little over one hundred years ago in the small town of Villisca, Iowa, a man with an ax came into the Moore residence with brutal intent. It was midnight and the man came through the unlocked back door, quietly slipping past two sleeping girls and went up the stairs to where Jay Moore slept next to his wife. The man first bludgeoned Jay’s head and quickly did the same to his wife. While they were dead or dying, he calmly went over to their children’s rooms and killed them with the ax as well. Finally, he went downstairs and kill the two other girls that were sleeping. Rather than leaving, he stuck around, going back up and beating Jay’s head with the ax 30 more times and did the same with the rest of the family. It’s believed he stayed in the house for hours, until leaving around five in the morning, locking the door behind him. Several suspects went to trial, but no conviction was made. It remains a mystery to this day.


David Bacon

hollywoodSource: http://www.newenglandhistoricalsociety.com/mysterious-death-cape-cods-david-bacon/

David Bacon was a rising star in Hollywood in 1943, but his star fell fast and hard when witnesses saw his car careening off the road and into a bean field. When they went to help him, they saw his car was soaked with blood. He begged them for help, and they asked him what had happened, but he died before they got any answers. He’d been stabbed to death with a 6-inch blade. No one knows how or why it happened.


Laetitia Toureau

metro parisSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/2s3vfo/the_impossible_murder_of_laetitia_toureaux/

After leaving a dance hall in a Parisian suburb, Laetitia Toureau headed for the bus on May 16th, 1937, leading her down a path she’d never return from. She arrived at the Porte de Charenton and boarded the first-class car bound for central Paris. It was empty, while others were full. Barely a minute later when it arrived at another station, passengers came aboard the first-class car to find Toureau dead, stabbed in the neck with a 9-inch dagger. Police discovered the striking woman of 29 who worked at a glue factory was also an informant for a detective agency called “Agence Rouff.” When police raided a terrorist organization’s hideout, those arrested claimed they knew Toureau and had her killed. However, the mystery remains why the police never arrested them for the crime and how anyone killed her when her train car was totally empty?


Karen Silkwood

silkwoodSource: http://www.legacy.com/news/celebrity-deaths/article/the-mysterious-death-of-karen-silkwood

When Karen Silkwood got a job as a metallography technician at Cimarron plutonium plant, little did she know where it would lead. Not soon after, she joined the Oil, Chemical & Atomic Workers Union and became part of the bargaining committee, put in charge to investigate health and safety issues. In 1974, she testified to the Atomic Energy Commission that she found serious violations of health and safety issues. This is where it gets weird. Not soon after, she discovered she had 400 times the legal limit of plutonium in her system even though she never handled dangerous items as part of her job. She decided to go public with all her findings and was en route to see a New York Times reporter when her car went off the road and hit a culvert, killing her. While Quaaludes were found in her car and bloodstream, indicating she fell asleep at the wheel, supporters noted the skid marks in the road and questioned how she could have fallen asleep if she hit the brakes. Even more suspicious, the documents in her car she was going to show the New York Times reporter were gone. A federal investigation of the plant proved Silkwood’s claims to be true. The plant shut down in 1975.

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