25 Mysterious Deaths That We Will Never Be Able To Explain

It’s hard to let go the mysterious deaths that we will never be able to explain. While armchair detectives certainly can become obsessed, imagine the torment unsolved deaths inflict on the families and police closely connected to the case. Like a puzzle begging to be solved, it’s easy to think there’s one missing piece needed to solve it and crack it wide open. But, tragically, sometimes the puzzle will never be solved. The mystery will remain. And we’ll be left scratching our heads on what really happened. Be warned, these creepy unsolved deaths are quite grisly and explicit. So, naturally, viewer discretion is advised. Here are 25 Mysterious Deaths That We Will Never Be Able To Explain.

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Julia Wallace

old-phoneSource: https://theunredacted.com/the-killing-of-julia-wallace-an-impossible-murder/

Julia Wallace’s death in 1931 has fascinated crime writers for decades, with many claiming they figured out who killed her. Her husband William Wallace worked at Prudential Insurance as an insurance agent. On January 20th, he received a call from a man named R.M. Qualtrough to go to 25 Menlove Gardens East the following evening. Being an insurance agent, it wasn’t unusual, so he went to 25 Menlove Gardens, but discovered it had a North, South, and West, but no East. Realizing he had been pranked, he came back to his house to find his wife, Julia Wallace, brutally bludgeoned to death. Wallace had been tried and convicted of the murder with many believing he staged it. But, later he was exonerated as there wasn’t enough evidence to truly convict him. Only two others were considered suspects – Richard Perry, a man Wallace had gotten fired for messing with Prudential’s books, and Joseph Marsden, a man Julia Wallace was paying to have sex with her. Regardless, no one was convicted and the mystery remains.


El Dorado Jane Doe

unknown womanSource: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/eldorado-jane-doe_us_56e6d679e4b0b25c918276a3

While her killer is known and convicted, the identity of El Dorado Jane Doe, also known as “Mercedes,” remains a big mystery. We do know she was an exotic dancer and prostitute in Arkansas who supposedly sent money back to her two kids. The only person who knows her true identity is both her lover and her killer, James “Ice” McAlphin. He gunned her down in a seedy Arkansas motel, but he won’t talk. We don’t even know if she really had kids or if she made the story up.


Charles Bravo

charles bravoSource: https://www.realcrimedaily.com/murder-at-the-priory-the-mysterious-death-of-charles-bravo-realcrimefriday/

In 1875, a barrister named Charles Bravo married Florence Ricardo. Both had been involved in extra-marital affairs and Florence’s late husband Alexander Ricardo died of mysterious circumstances. The Bravos had a rocky relationship from the very start with rumors of Charles being abusive, demanding, and controlling. He especially hated that his wife was wealthier than him and wanted control over her money. Four months in and Charles was rushed to the hospital and died of poisoning. The three suspects were Florence, the housekeeper Mrs. Cox, and Dr. Gully. Mrs. Cox had three children and Charles once threatened to sack her. On the day of his death, police noted she was oddly evasive and even lied about Charles, saying he wanted to commit suicide, which he did not. Dr. Gully was one of Florence’s former lovers and was upset over her marrying Charles. A court determined Charles Bravo was murdered, but there wasn’t enough evidence to point to a specific person. While all three suspects were released, they were either professionally ruined or died soon after.


The Somerton Man

SomertonMan2Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-14/somerton-man-cold-case-could-be-one-step-closer-to-solved/9245512

Found washed ashore on Somerton Beach in Adelaide, Australia in 1948, the Somerton Man, as he would later be called, has perplexed police and researchers for decades. The deceased man was clean-shaven, well-built, and wearing a suit and tie. He had nothing to identify him and even the tags on his clothes were removed. Police found a secret pocket in the man’s pants with some bizarre items. First, they found a piece of paper tightly wrapped up that read “Taman Shud,” a phrase from an 11th-century book of Persian poems called the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The phrase roughly translates “the end.” Later, a businessman came forward with the book that he claimed was thrown into his car. At the end of the book, the phrase “Taman Shud” was ripped from the pages. On the back of the book were five lines of letters and a phone number. Police tracked the phone number down and spoke with a young nurse, but she claimed to not know the man despite looking suspicious. In the end, the case went cold and hasn’t been solved since.


The Isdal Woman

IsdalenSource: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39369429

Unsolved for 46 years, the Isdal Woman continues to perplex and fascinate people in Norway. The Isdalen Valley in Norway is also called “Death Valley” for its long reputation of suicides and falling accidents. But, that name took on a new meaning when a man and his two daughters found a burnt, dead body in an out of the way spot. Oddly, her body was burned on the front and not the back. Later, police found objects, like a watch and jewelry next to her placed in a ceremonial formation. Her clothes had the tags cut off. Anything indicating her identity was removed or erased. Then, they found unclaimed suitcases at Bergen’s luggage department. Suspiciously, all the labels on the items inside that could have identified her inside were removed as well. They found out she used the name Fenella Lorch at a hotel, but learned it wasn’t her real name. She had been using several names with several passports. Witnesses claim they saw her speaking to two German military officers. People at that point theorized she may have been a spy, but with little evidence to back it up, police reached a dead end. Her autopsy concluded she committed suicide, but many find that hard to believe. For instance, who, then, removed the tags on her clothes and the identifying labels on the items in her suitcases?

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