25 Must-do DIY Projects

There are so many great things about DIY projects. By making items yourself, you save money, you entertain yourself, improve your skillfulness and the final product perfectly suits your tastes. And many DIY projects don’t take as much time or dexterity as you would think. From a wooden pallets coach to a ladder bookshelf, get inspired by these 25 cool DIY projects and start turning seemingly useless things into wonderful creations and designs.

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Wrap some yarn or rope around a jar, paint it with your favorite color and peel the yarn away once it gets dry. You will get an amazing luminary for tea lights or candles.

DIY candle holdertheforgestyle.blogspot.com

With this original DIY decoration, you can always tell apart your keys easily.

DIY key decorationoffbeathome.com

Get this super useful cutting board drawer. Just drill a circular hole in the board and put a waste container underneath.

DIY cutting boardkitchenterto.com

What can an empty lotion bottle be good for? Make a stylish cell phone charging holder out of it!

DIY cell phone holderwww.woohome.com

Create cool personalized mugs with a sharpie marker. Just write whatever you want on the cup and bake it for 30 minutes to make the inscription permanent.

DIY mugswww.craftaholicsanonymous.net

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