25 Moving Quotes About Mother Nature And Her Stunning Beauty

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2024

We, at List25, are passionate followers of Mother Nature and often write articles in her honor. We have taken you on a journey through her most majestic mountains in 25 Mountain Ranges You Need to Visit If You Love Nature, her innate sense of symmetry in 25 Instances Of Perfect Geometry In Nature, her secluded and enchanting spaces in 25 of the Most Isolated Places in the World, her artistic flair in 25 Nature Photos You Won’t Believe Haven’t Been Photoshopped, among others. However, it’s disheartening to see that while she constantly showers us with her charm, abundance, and warmth, many still fail to appreciate her, discrediting her, exploiting her resources ruthlessly. Despite our supposed progress and maturity due to technological and scientific advancements, it appears that the earlier generations held a stronger grasp of nature’s importance. Most of the countless inspirational quotes about nature were spoken by individuals who existed decades or even centuries before us. Yet, the surprising part is, no matter how old these quotes may get, they still resonate strongly with the present. To exhibit some of the profoundest nature-based quotes ever spoken, we delved into the internet and compiled 25 Stirring Quotes About Mother Nature And Her Breathtaking Beauty. Originating from renowned and esteemed authors such as Sylvia Plath, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and William Shakespeare, these 25 quotes are bound to make you cherish nature more.


“The Earth has its music for those who will listen.” – George Santayana

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“If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you.“ – Alex Trebek

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“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery — air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, 'This is what it is to be happy.'” ― Sylvia Plath

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“Wild roses are fairest, and nature a better gardener than art.” - Louisa May Alcott

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“The voice of the sea speaks to the soul. The touch of the sea is sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace.” - Kate Chopin

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“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” – H. D. Thoreau

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“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.“ - Vincent Van Gogh

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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

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“Mountains inspire awe in any human person who has a soul. They remind us of our frailty, our unimportance, of the briefness of our span on this earth.” - Elizabeth Aston

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“After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.“ - Pam Shaw

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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” – Gary Snyder

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“Adopt the pace of Nature. Her secret is patience.” – R. W. Emerson

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“To me a lush carpet of pine needles or spongy grass is more welcome than the most luxurious Persian rug.” - Helen Keller

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“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.” ― William Shakespeare

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“No form of nature is inferior to art; for the arts merely imitate natural forms.“ - Marcus Aurelius

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“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea.” - E.E. Cummings

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“I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order.“ - John Burroughs

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“The greatest joy in nature is the absence of man.” - Bliss Carman

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“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” - Sarah Kay

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“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.” – David Brower

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“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.“ - E. O. Wilson

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“Not just beautiful, though - the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching me.” ― Haruki Murakami

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“Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.“ - John Updike

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“We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.” - William Hazlett

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“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” ― Nathaniel Hawthorne

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