25 Movies That Would Be Completely Different If You Removed One Letter From The Title

Posted by , Updated on October 31, 2022

This list is going to be silly. Of course it will be. Why wouldn’t it be? These aren’t going to be about actual movies. Well, the originals are actual movies. But the new movies are just made up. They’re thought experiments. Almost like jokes. Maybe you can even think of some on your own. It really is amazing how many movies there are out there with such malleable titles. You just change one letter and the entire movie is completely different. It is quite amusing. Take something as simple as Superman. Remove the “n” and you get Superma. Now imagine what that would be about! And there you go. That is the topic of our list. Simple, funny, sweet. You will laugh. Your day will be better. You will work more efficiently and make millions of dollars. That’s why you’re here right? To make millions of dollars? Ok, we didn’t actually think that. But even if you were. That’s ok. You need a break from all the hard work you’ve been doing this week. So lean back and enjoy. That’s what you deserve, especially if you’re a movie junky. These are 25 movies that would be completely different if you removed one letter from the title!

Featured Image: pixabay


Ill Bill (Kill Bill)

Ill Bill (Kill Bill)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

He gets sick.


Dude Here's My Car (Dude Where's My Car)

Dude Here's My Car (Dude Where's My Car)Source: reddit

We’ve reduced the movie to about 2 minutes.


Fat and Furious (Fast And Furious)

Fat and Furious (Fast And Furious)Source: reddit

You’ll just have to use your imagination for this one.



WALL (WALL-E)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

A movie about watching paint dry.


The Silence of the Labs (The Silence of the Lambs)

The Silence of the Labs (The Silence of the Lambs)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

It’s 2 hours of security footage from empty chemistry laboratories.


Children of Me (Children of Men)

Children of Me (Children of Men)Source: reddit

Here, let me show you 2 hours of footage from when you were a kid! No thanks mom.


Rock I, II, III, IV, and V (Rocky I, II, III, IV, and V)

Rock I, II, III, IV, and V (Rocky I, II, III, IV, and V)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

So would it be the same rock each time?


12 Years A Slav (12 Years A Slave)

12 Years A Slav (12 Years A Slave)Source: reddit

Somebody pretends to be Russian for more than a decade.


The Dark Night (The Dark Knight)

The Dark Night (The Dark Knight)Source: reddit

2 hours of just a black screen.


The Martin (The Martian)

The Martin (The Martian)Source: reddit

He works in accounting and excels at….excel.


Apocalypse No (Apocalypse Now)

Apocalypse No (Apocalypse Now)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

That sounds like an acceptable outcome. Boring, but acceptable.


Ineption (Inception)

Ineption (Inception)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

It’s a movie about office workers who can’t figure out how to use the copy machine.


Jurassic Par (Jurassic Park)

Jurassic Par (Jurassic Park)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

Dinosaurs playing golf?


The Empire Trikes Back (The Empire Strikes Back)

The Empire Trikes Back (The Empire Strikes Back)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

Given the vast distances of space, triking back could take a while.


The Da Vinci Cod (The Da Vinci Code)

The Da Vinci Cod (The Da Vinci Code)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

A movie about Leonardo painting a fish.


Harry Otter (Harry Potter)

Harry Otter (Harry Potter)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

Hmmm, sounds interesting.


Pup Fiction (Pulp Fiction)

Pup Fiction (Pulp Fiction)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

Something about fake dogs.


Full Meta Jacket (Full Metal Jacket)

Full Meta Jacket (Full Metal Jacket)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

An outer garment gets caught in cycle of self references. Chaos ensues.


Jaw (Jaws)

Jaw (Jaws)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

Coming to dentist waiting rooms everywhere!


Fining Nemo (Finding Nemo)

Fining Nemo (Finding Nemo)Source: reddit, Image: wikipedia

An epic drama surrounding Nemo and his attempts to pay off his speeding tickets.


The Ego Movie (The Lego Movie)

The Ego Movie (The Lego Movie)Source: reddit

Starring Donald Trump…


Snakes On A Plan (Snakes On A Plane)

Snakes On A Plan (Snakes On A Plane)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

An enjoyable documentary about a program to breed snakes. Narrated by Samuel Jackson.


The Mighty Duck (The Mighty Ducks)

The Mighty Duck (The Mighty Ducks)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

One duck…mighty…but outnumbered…


He Departed (The Departed)

He Departed (The Departed)Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

So when’s he coming back?


Superma (Superman)

Superma (Superman)Source: reddit

The story of the world’s best mom.

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