25 Movie Cliches You Will Never Want To See Again

Have you ever watched a movie that was ruined by a moment you saw happening a mile away? You knew it would happen because it’s been repeated a gazillion times in so many different films.

Whether it’s an evil mirror in a horror film or a bomb that is diffused in seconds, Hollywood puts the same cliches in movies over and over again.

Some of them fit the plot nicely, but others are overplayed; quite frankly, they need to disappear … and fast. So, get ready for 25 Movie Cliches You Will Never Want To See Again.

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Small-town could-have-been


In just about every movie that takes place in a small town, there is a local who is bitter, fast-tempered and has a huge drinking problem.

This person was some kind of athletic bigshot at the prime of his life, who then blew his big chance at going pro, because of some incident (most likely involving an accident).


Is that all you got?


The villain of the movie has beaten the hero to a pulp. The hero can barely stand. His face is a bloody mess. Almost every bone in the hero’s body is broken. The bad guy thinks he has won and walks away.

The hero, with a stone-cold look on his face, says to the bad guy, “Is that all you got?” Of course, the villain goes back to finish the job but ends up getting killed by the good guy.


Yeah, you better run!


Our main character is outnumbered by the bad guys. They are circling him or her. Just when we think our hero is about to be massacred, the group runs away.

The main character sees them run, gets confident and says, “Yeah, you better run!” Little do they know, there is some gigantic creature behind them waiting to attack.


They're behind me, aren't they?


It seems that no one pays attention to their surroundings in films. When someone is talking trash about another person, they will go on and on. The group they are talking to all of a sudden looks past the person rambling, hinting that they should stop talking.

The person talking will stop and, without turning around, say, “They’re behind me, aren’t they?” Yes, they are always going to be there.


Isn't breakfast the most important meal?


The wife in many movies will cook a big breakfast for her husband because she loves him and wants him not to be hungry throughout the day. The husband can never eat breakfast but just grabs a piece of toast and eats it as he runs out the door, kissing his wife goodbye.

What happened to the food? Seriously man, just eat it … you can be a little late. And to the wife, don’t make such a fancy breakfast next time; just give him a protein bar.

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