25 Motorcycles You Wish You Were Riding

It’s difficult to think of a situation where riding a motorcycle looks un-cool.  There’s just something about straddling this heavy chunk of awesome metal as you ride through streets infested with dull, life-sucking cars.  The knowledge that you are among the few people who has the internal fortitude to hop on a machine riding on two wheels is intoxicating.  Couple this feeling with our 25 motorcycles you wish you were riding and you have yourself a recipe for a rebellious bliss of incalculable awesomeness.  Next to the word “awesomeness”  in the dictionary there just might be a picture of you riding one of these babies.

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Yamaha V-Max Hyper Modified

25 vmax hypermodified_tnhttp://lazareth-auto-moto.skyrock.com/

Hyperbike by Artem Volchik

24 artemis_tnwww.artemstudios.com

Lazareth 1000 FZR Compressor

23 Vin-Diesel’s-Babylon-A.D.-Yamaha_tnhttp://luxedb.com/

2008 Traverston V-Rex

22 travertson-v-rex-500-26_tnhttp://bepersian.com

Honda Rune

21 blue heavy bike_tnwww.picstopin.com

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