25 Motivational Thoughts To Keep You Calm On Stressful Days

Posted by , Updated on March 7, 2017

Do you need some ideas on how to help yourself relax? Every once in a while, we all need motivational thoughts to give us some perspective on the world around us…something to help us see things differently and maybe not take life so seriously. So whether you’re going through a hard time or just want some perspective in your life, these are 25 Motivational Thoughts To Keep You Calm On Stressful Days.


In a few years, you won’t even remember most of what happened today.

here's to the pastSource: quora

If you ever want to just leave and start a new life, you could. (It's actually not that difficult.)

plantSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

Other people aren’t scrutinizing you any more than you are scrutinizing them.

eyeSource: quora

You are not responsible for the happiness of other people.

responsibilitySource: quora

You can do anything you want, as long as you accept the consequences.

truth or consequencesSource: quora

It’s okay to change your mind about something if new evidence presents itself, even if your former beliefs felt like they were an integral part of you. This is actually a sign of maturity.

changeSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

It’s okay to feel bad; nothing lasts forever.

this too shall passSource: quora

It’s not worth making somebody a priority in your life if you’re just an option in theirs.

prioritizeSource: quora

No matter what you do, you’re still going to die one day.

cemeterySource: quora

Even rich people get depressed.

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Having kids is optional.

childSource: quora

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What’s the worst that could happen?

badSource: quora

You have no obligation to be the person you were just 1 hour ago.

changeSource: quora. Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

Nobody really knows what they’re doing.

question markSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

There is almost no situation in life that can be improved with anger.

angerSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

You can hold two opposing thoughts in your head simultaneously. And you don’t have to agree with either.

thoughtsSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

It is never, ever, ever bad to love unconditionally.

heartSource: quora, Image: https://www.pexels.com (public domain)

If it’s not going to kill you, it’s not really all that big of a problem.

solutionSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

You are not your thoughts.

brainSource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

Every single thing you do is dangerous to some extent. You might as well go on an adventure.

dangerSource: quora

Happiness is a choice first and a feeling second.

smileSource: quora, Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

Everybody has legitimate reasons to be mad at the world. Whether or not you engage with yours is completely up to you.

angerSource: quora

You’re not the first person to figure out that life is hard. Nor are you the first person to go through what you are going through.

daisySource: quora, Image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

You can choose who is in your life and who isn’t (unless they choose to leave you out of their life...but then why would you want them in your life anyway?)

friendsSource: quora, Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Friends_.jpg

Life is too short to be miserable.

jumpingSource: quora, Image: https://www.pexels.com (public domain)

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