25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

Posted by , Updated on January 9, 2017

Humans have been on the move since the dawn of time. Now more than any time in history, it’s easy to travel – both in our own backyards and halfway across the planet. But, not every person is the same and some people like to travel more than others. Who do you think travels more? Indians or Colombians? Australians or Egyptians? The numbers might surprise you. In this list, we group people together by nationality to see who travels most often. A few general trends emerge: people from smaller countries are more likely to travel abroad than citizens of larger countries; more affluent countries tend to have populations which travel more frequently; and, maybe surprisingly, people from island countries are not more likely to travel abroad than they are to travel domestically. So, where do you think the most well traveled people come from? (Travel data is sourced from Timetric’s study on 2013 travel habits across the world. For a trip to count, it must include an overnight stop, but it could be leisure, business, or otherwise.) Do you consider yourself an avid traveler? Find out if your country made the cut in this list of the 25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

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provence franceSource: Timetric & Travelzoo, Image: Pixabay

The most visited country in the world, France is a traveler’s paradise. It’s alpine skiing, lush wine country, rolling lavender fields, and trendy cities brought in almost 84 million visitors in 2014. The globally-curious French mostly preferred travelling within their own country, taking an average of 3.1 domestic trips per year. As compared to other European tourists, the French typically spend less on a trip (about 600-700 euros), especially in contrast with the Brits and Germans who spend upwards of 1,000 euros per person.



australian outbackSource: Timetric & Aus Post, Image: 75law via Flickr

Australia: it’s a continent and a country. Though not an island, strictly speaking, Australia’s vast outback and high incomes leads its citizens to frequently travel abroad. Though Australians travel much more within the country – 3.4 within to 0.4 abroad – don’t let the numbers fool you! Australians are major travelers all-around with almost 1 out of 3 Australians travelling abroad every year. Most trips are to nearby countries such as New Zealand and Indonesia and this number is expected to increase – since 2008, the number of Australians going abroad for vacation has been greater than the continent’s inbound visitors.



canada mountains with flagSource: Timetric & GlobalNews.Ca, Image: Pixabay

Canadians are the 8th most traveled people on our list with the average Canadian embarking on a trip over four times per year. Though one of the largest and most beautiful countries on Earth, Canada is, in many places, sparsely populated and covered by snow for much of the year. This may influence differences between Canadian and American travelers; while Americans prefer to travel within the U.S., most Canadians prefer to leave Canada for vacation. Maybe the cold gets to them.


New Zealand

Ledge_Bungy,_Queenstown,_New_ZealandSource: Timetric, Image: Wikipedia

It’s been a common trend thus far that citizens of smaller countries travel abroad more often than those in larger countries such as Brazil, Spain, and Indonesia. New Zealand is an anomaly in this trend – or is it? Though most people think New Zealand is a small country, it would reach from Jacksonville to Boston if overlaid on the U.S.’s Eastern Seaboard. Despite its size, New Zealand has some of the most diverse flora and fauna on the planet and is routinely lauded for its widely varied landscapes. Kiwis – as New Zealanders are often known – go on 3.8 trips domestically (0.5 internationally) each year.


Hong Kong

Hong_Kong_Skyline_Restitch_-_Dec_2007Source: Timetric & Mastercard, Image: Wikipedia

Hong Kong is the most visited city in the world. Though most visitors go for business purposes, Hong Kong has plenty to see for those interested in culture or nature. Living in one of the world’s densest and most vertical cities must get tiring for locals who eschew the trend of most other nationalities on this list (and the world) and travel much more abroad than domestically. Almost every trip of their 4.3 annual jaunts are abroad, with Hong Kongers preferring to visit Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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