25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

Posted by , Updated on January 9, 2017

Humans have been on the move since the dawn of time. Now more than any time in history, it’s easy to travel – both in our own backyards and halfway across the planet. But, not every person is the same and some people like to travel more than others. Who do you think travels more? Indians or Colombians? Australians or Egyptians? The numbers might surprise you. In this list, we group people together by nationality to see who travels most often. A few general trends emerge: people from smaller countries are more likely to travel abroad than citizens of larger countries; more affluent countries tend to have populations which travel more frequently; and, maybe surprisingly, people from island countries are not more likely to travel abroad than they are to travel domestically. So, where do you think the most well traveled people come from? (Travel data is sourced from Timetric’s study on 2013 travel habits across the world. For a trip to count, it must include an overnight stop, but it could be leisure, business, or otherwise.) Do you consider yourself an avid traveler? Find out if your country made the cut in this list of the 25 Most Well-Traveled Peoples In The World

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The_Sultan_Mosque_at_Kampong_Glam,_SingaporeSource: Timetric, Image: Wikipedia

Asia’s most influential city according to Forbes, Singapore is a city-state group of islands and one of Asia’s most economically prosperous and important zones. One of the smallest countries on Earth, Singapore sees its citizens travel abroad 80 times more than they do domestically, the second largest imbalance on this list. Due to the country’s role as one of the primary Asian business hubs, many Singaporeans (who often have generous incomes) frequently travel for business to other countries in Asia and to the Middle East and Europe.



cinque terre italySource: Timetric, Image: Pixabay

Italy: the country most people dream of visiting. Its bright blue Mediterranean shores, legendary gastronomy, and rich history has shaped the boot-country. With such diversity, Italians are the 19th most traveled people in the world. Most trips are domestic – likely to visit large extended families or religious monuments – but Italians, like other higher-income Europeans, are often seen on the move around the continent as well.



palacio de bellas artes mexicoSource: Timetric, Image: Esparta Palma via Flickr

Mexicans travel more domestically than any other country so far on our list. Large extended families, like in Italy, and the country’s long cultural history as the founder of multiple civilizations (including the Olmec, Toltec, Zapotec, Maya, and Aztec) play a major role in high domestic travel. Other nationalities have recognized the vivacity of Mexican culture and the numerous important cultural sites which bring in nearly 30 million tourists each year, making Mexico the tenth most visited country in the world.



amsterdamSource: Timetric, Image: Pixabay

The Dutch are the most charitable nationality in the world, giving more money per capita to charity than any other country. Most Dutch people (and nearly all Dutch people under 30 years old) speak fluent English, making them more comfortable to travel. Despite being from such a small country, the Dutch travel inwards as much as outwards with each person taking, on average, at least one inward and outward-bound trip per year.



japan pagodaSource: Timetric, Image: Pixabay

The Japanese are similar travelers to #2 on our list in terms of travel habits. Coming from a country with a rich history (and possibly due in part to its history of isolationism), the Japanese much prefer to travel within the country than abroad. Though each person generally takes 2.3 trips per year, 2.2 of those are within the country. With volcanoes, mountains, beaches, and massive metropolises, Japan has plenty for its citizens to visit.

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