25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth

Posted by , Updated on January 19, 2018


Have you ever been bitten by a snake or a scorpion? Chances are everything turned out okay, but that’s not always the case. There are some creatures out there that will mess you up quite significantly if you happen to suffer a bite from one of them. These are the 25 Most Venomous Creatures On Earth!

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Common Krait

Common KraitSource: nationalgeographic.com

This snake is particularly nasty because although its bite doesn’t hurt, its venom contains powerful neurotoxins. A person could be bitten and not know it until they can’t breathe several hours later.


Russell's Viper

Russell's viperSource: scientificamerican.com

Bites from this Old World viper are quite terrifying. Most victims will begin to bleed from their gums and experience organ failure. Early treatment is critical to survival.


King Brown Snake

King Brown SnakeSource: scientificamerican.com

Also known as the Mulga, this snake delivers a lot of venom in one bite (150 milligrams). Fortunately, its venom isn’t as potent as some other creatures.


Duck-Billed Platypus

Duck-billed platypusSource: scientificamerican.com

You wouldn’t guess it, but this cute little creature can deliver a venomous blow that will leave you in pain for weeks.


Indian Cobra

indian cobraSource: nationalgeographic.com

The venom of these snakes contains both heart and nerve toxins, making it quite dangerous to humans.

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