25 Most Uniquely Interesting Micronations On The Planet

In order to start a country there are several things you need. First and foremost would be territory. After that you probably want some recognition, maybe from the United Nations. If you don’t manage to get that then you fall into a category of states known as micronations. Some are established as jokes, some out of protest, and some for the legitimate purpose of independence. Either way these are the 25 most uniquely interesting micronations on the planet.

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When the Israeli government tried to bulldoze his home but was stopped by a court, Eli Avivi started this micronation that is now actually recognized by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.




Started by Kevin Baugh in 1977 this micronation can be found in the middle of Nevada and has been described as a tourist trap. Supposedly however, you need your passport to get through the door.


Republic of Minerva

Republic of Minervasailblogs.com

Established by real estate millionaire Michael Oliver, he decided to pour sand into the Minerva reef between Tonga and New Zealand until he had enough land to hoist a flag. Unfortunately though, Tongan troops came and tore it down.


Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealandwikipedia

It began as an anti aircraft platform during WWII. In 1967 Pirate radio broadcaster Paddy Bates setup shop there and got arrested for shooting at a nearby work crew. Because the platform was in international waters however, he was acquitted. Seizing the opportunity he established it as a sovereign nation with one export – pirate radio broadcasts.


Aerican Empire

Aerican Empirewikipedia

Claiming a square km of Australia, a house sized lot in Montreal, a colony on Mars, and the northern hemisphere of Pluto, this small micronation was started by Montreal resident Eric Lis. It’s name is a pun on the term American Empire.

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