25 Most Uniquely Interesting Micronations On The Planet

In order to start a country there are several things you need. First and foremost would be territory. After that you probably want some recognition, maybe from the United Nations. If you don’t manage to get that then you fall into a category of states known as micronations. Some are established as jokes, some out of protest, and some for the legitimate purpose of independence. Either way these are the 25 most uniquely interesting micronations on the planet.

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The Grand Duchy of Westarctica

The Grand Duchy of Westarcticawikipedia

In 2001 when Travis McHenry saw that there was an unclaimed chunk of Antarctic territory named Marie Byrd Land he seized the opportunity to become royalty. So far though, all that his country has managed to produce is a few stamps.


Conch Republic

Conch Republicwikipedia

Founded to comically protest the US checkpoint between the Florida Keys and the mainland, the mayor of Key West declared war on the United States but then immediately surrendered and applied for 1 billion dollars of foreign aid. The protest was successful.


Rose Island

Rose Islandwarsintheworld.com

Constructed in 1968 by Italian architect Giorgio Rosa, this platform off the Italian coast was meant to be a tourist spot but as soon as it was constructed Rosa declared sovereignty. Unfortunately the Italian government thought he might try to avoid taxes so the navy blew it up


Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christianiawikipedia

Located on an abandoned military base in Copenhagen this small town of hippies and free thinkers considers itself to be a shining example of anarchy as a legitimate form of government.




Started by a band of shipwrecked mutineers in the 1700’s this island has a population of only several hundred. Although it is not considered a nation some people consider it the smallest democracy in the world (it is a British Overseas Territory).

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