25 Most Terrifying Volcanoes On Earth

Volcanoes are some of the most powerful and destructive features of our planet. Responsible for both the creation of fertile lands and in some ways, its destruction. While some haven’t erupted in a while, others are long overdue. Either way, the bravest adventurers in the world aren’t fazed by the possibility of drowning in lava. These are the 25 most terrifying volcanoes on Earth.


Shishaldin (USA)

Shishaldin (USA)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found in Alaska, this remote volcano offers the occasional adventurer a rare 2,000 meter (6,000 ft) perfectly straight ski run.


Cotopaxi (Ecuador)

Cotopaxi (Ecuador)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The second highest peak in Ecuador is also home to one of the only equatorial glaciers on Earth.


Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion)

Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This tiny french speaking island in the Indian Ocean is home to one of Earth’s most violent volcanoes.


Maelifell Volcano (Iceland)

Maelifell Volcano (Iceland)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Found on a glacier, this volcano’s green surface sticks out like a sore thumb


Soufrière Hills Volcano (Monteserrat)

Soufrière Hills Volcano (Monteserrat)Source: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Since the eruption of this volcano in July 1995 more than half of this Caribbean island’s population has left.

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