25 Most Stressful Jobs Of 2013

Stress is a part of life, especially when it comes to work. Factors that contribute to stress include sense of competitiveness with colleagues, deadlines that are hard to meet, relationship issues and several other physical demands, which, if not met, often lead to frustration. While stress is normal, people should understand that too much of it can be bad as it can affect not just their productivity but also their well-being. Aside from the fact that excessive stress can get in the way of one’s efficiency in the workplace, it can also impact mental and physical health. Makes you wonder how people who work these 25 most stressful jobs of 2013 deal with the stress.

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Senior Corporate Executive

Senior Corporate Executiveallhealthhub.com

Senior corporate executives refer to the bigwigs of organizations. They are the ones who represent their companies and face media scrutiny when necessary. Their job is stressful because they are the ones who control just about every transaction that goes within the bounds of their organization. When they fail to perform well, the organization they represent fails just as much.


Public Relations Executive

Public Relations Executivewww.piranhaphotography.com

The work of a public relations executive is more stressful than most people think it is. While their main task is to manage corporate damage control, they are the ones who face clients and the media during press conferences. Public relations executives have targets and goals which if not met, chances are they’ll get fired.




What concierges do is far more stressful than most people realize. Whether they works for hotel guests, independent clients, or apartment dwellers, a concierge is always on demand to meet the needs of guests and clients.


Job Coach

Job Coachwww.thepersonaldevelopmentcompany.com

The job of a job coach is to help current of future employees deal with their physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. This is a stressful job because it requires the ability to juggle fieldwork with heaps of paperwork.


Benefits and Payroll Administrator

Benefits and Payroll Administratorwww.zamki01.ru

Payroll administrators do not only work in processing new employees, pay raises and promotions but also in keeping track of new payroll taxes or changes that may affect the pay rates of employees. What makes this job even more stressful is that it involves handling a staff of payroll workers who perform distinct jobs. The larger the company, the more stressful this job gets.

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