25 Most Shocking Yakuza Crimes

Have you ever wondered what the most violent gang in the world is? If you have ever read about Yakuza history, then you probably have at least an idea. The Yakuza account for a significant portion of Japan’s murders every year. These are the 25 Most Shocking Yakuza Crimes.



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According to government data, more than 11% of companies in Japan have been threatened by the Yakuza or asked to pay them money.


The Fishing Village

FukuokaSource: japantimes.co.jp

Even if you have nothing to do with the Yakuza, it doesn’t mean you’re not in danger. In 2013, the Kudo-kai family started attacking and killing members of a fishing cooperative in the Japanese coastal village of Fukuoka. Apparently at least some of the murders were motivated by trivial exchanges at local businesses.


Wataru ‘Jackson’ Inada

HonoluluSource: honolulumagazine.com

Wataru is the main man behind the Yakuza expansion into the US. In 1976, he was arrested and expected to testify against some of his fellow gang members. Not long before the trial, Wataru and his girlfriend were found dead in a Honolulu apartment.


ATM Withdrawals

atmSource: finextra.com

The most shocking part of this crime is the amount of money the Yakuza managed to get out of the ATM’s. In 2016, police determined that the gang had withdrawn 1.8 billion yen from a bank in South Africa via more than 1,400 ATM’s.


Masaru Takumi

masaru takumiSource: japantimes.co.jp

Although Takumi was meant to assume a leadership position within the Yakuza, he was gunned down (along with an innocent bystander) before it ever came to pass. Apparently some gang members were mad that he had tried to make peace with a rival gang. In the Yakuza world…nice guys finish dead.

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