25 Most Shocking Yakuza Crimes

Have you ever wondered what the most violent gang in the world is? If you have ever read about Yakuza history, then you probably have at least an idea. The Yakuza account for a significant portion of Japan’s murders every year. These are the 25 Most Shocking Yakuza Crimes.


Juzo Itami

Juzo ItamiSource: vice.com

The famous Japanese film maker messed up when he made a movie depicting the Yakuza as dumb brutes. Several years later, he apparently committed suicide by jumping from a building. According to some sources though, he was given the choice to either jump or get a bullet in the brain.


North Korea

north koreaSource: vice.com

To give you an idea of the Yakuza’s reach, there was at least one gang member arrested for attempted bribery and drug smuggling in North Korea. Not even the Mafia messes with that!


The Drug and Gun Trade

guns and moneySource: latimes.com

By using Hawaii as a stop off point, the Yakuza have managed to establish a large and lucrative guns-for-drugs trade between Japanese and American gangs.



pineapplesSource: theguardian.com

If you had to guess what the Yakuza’s weapon of choice was, what would you wager? Did you guess pineapples? Because that’s right! Alright, so not the edible kind. Pineapple is slang for grenade…and the Yakuza use them quite liberally.


Sumo Wrestling

sumoSource: japantimes.co.jp

Not only did the authorities discover that the Yakuza were fixing wrestling matches, they were also getting front row seats for themselves. The strangest part, however, was the reason…they wanted to boost the morale of their fellow gang members in jail by being seen on TV.

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