25 Most Ridiculous Body Parts Insured by Celebrities

The policy of celebrities insuring their body parts began about a hundred years ago, led by the first Hollywood stars of the silver screen. Today, everyone from musicians to models to sports players have insured their bodies or parts of them – often for ground-breaking sums which will leave you completely in shock. Many companies have also been jumping into the game as of late, insuring their spokespeople and models to create publicity for the celebrity and the brand.

In this list, we’ve gathered some of the strangest, most bizarre, and (in some cases) downright gross body parts which have been insured by celebrities. While body part insurance policies started out rather tamely, they’ve since taken a turn to the wild side for many of these celebrities. Can you guess what will be the weirdest body part a celebrity has insured? If you guessed the legs, you might be on to something. If you guessed a six-pack, well, we haven’t come across anyone who had their abdominals insured, but it’s probably happened knowing this world. If you start to guess some of the more risqué body parts, now you’re on the right track. Have a laugh with this list of the 25 Most Ridiculous Body Parts Insured by Celebrities.

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Jimmy Durante

Jimmy_durante_1964Source: Lloyd's, Image: Wikipedia

Actor Jimmy Durante was known for a body part most people try to tone down – the nose. “The Schnozzola”, as he was known, took out a $140,000 policy with Lloyd’s for his bulbous nose.


Michael Flatley

Michael_FlatleySource: NY Daily News, Image: Wikipedia

Lord of the Dance and famous Riverdance performer Michael Flatley insured his trademark tapping legs for $39 million.


Keith Richards

Mick_Taylor_and_Keith_Richards_Rolling_Stones_in_Hyde_Park_(2013)Source: Investopedia, Image: Wikimedia

Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards had his money makers (his hands) insured for $1.6 million – though, some sources claim the amount was just for his left hand’s middle finger.


James Dean

James_Dean_in_Rebel_Without_a_CauseSource: Lloyd's, Image: Wikipedia

Just a week before his untimely death in a car crash, actor James Dean took out a life insurance policy of $100,000.


Mariah Carey

mariah carey legs adSource: Glamour Vanity, Image: MariahCareyLive via YouTube

Insured by razor maker Gillette, Mariah Carey’s legs were protected after she became the spokeswoman for their “Legs of a Goddess” campaign. Out of all the strange body parts insured by celebrities, Mariah has the most expensive in the world – her legs are insured for a ground-shattering one billion dollars. (Cue Dr. Evil laugh.)

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