25 Most Ridiculous Baby Pacifiers From Amazon (Super Funny)

Ah the Pacifier. Paci, Binky, Bink, Dummy, Nubby, or whatever you call it, it’s proof that something or somebody loves mothers and wants them to be sane sometimes. While there are literally dozens of shapes to soothe baby, these particular pacifiers are designed to amuse and thus also soothe the adults. Because when you have a screaming baby, you need a sense of humor. Here are 25 Most Ridiculous Baby Pacifiers From Amazon.

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Ah the "new classic" mustache baby pacifier. Because it's never too early to look like a hipster or a member of the Mafia.

IMustaschyoutonotmockthebabySource & Image : https://www.amazon.com/

Halloween Costume Idea: The whole family dresses up as Ducktales. Woo-oo!

DuckburgImage & Source: https://www.amazon.com/

Pacifier Dongle Attachment not included.

isuckSource & Image: https://www.amazon.com/

This isn't technically a pacifier, it's a teether. But it's still hilarious.

bacon teetherImage & Source: https://www.amazon.com/

I vant to suck your...bottle. We're gonna go with bottle here.

IvanttosuckyourbottleImage & Source: https://www.amazon.com/

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