25 Most Retweeted Tweets That Will Make You Wonder

How many times has your tweet gone viral? Every day, millions of people post status updates on Twitter. They post everything from announcing a job promotion to commenting on how their day is going.

Most of these tweets maybe get one or two reposts, if any. Then there are those who post something that gets retweeted thousands or even millions of times.

This could happen to anyone: from celebrities to average Joes. They post asking for charity, mentioning giveaways, or even asking for chicken nuggets (yes, one guy really did this).

If you’re curious about the most popular tweets that have been widely shared, look no further. Here are the 25 most retweeted tweets.

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Silly Video Tweet


@BTS_twt has had a few popular posts.

This time, they tweeted a short video of a man acting silly and dancing. It was retweeted 916,116 times.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. It’s okay to act a little silly sometimes.


World Record Egg


Sam Heath (a.k.a. @egg_rt_record) tried to beat the record of most retweets set by @yousuck2020. It was a picture of a large egg.

The picture was tweeted 966,585 times. The tweet he was trying to beat had 5.3 million retweets.

Oh, so close! Not really.


Free Money Tweet


Who doesn’t love free money? All you have to do is dm @MrBeastYT and he’ll give you $10,000.

Oh, by the way, the government will be calling you to tell you that because you’ve been such a good citizen they want to give you some money as well.

They just need your social, account number, birthday, address, email passwords.

It was retweeted 983,026 times.


Re-Post or Else!


Hardly anyone can ignore “post this or else” tweets.

For instance, @nicholastmusic made this tweet:

“Scroll down
Keep scrolling
Retweet or December will be the worst month of your life.”

We guess his advice was taken seriously … well, by some people at least.

The post went viral and was retweeted over 700,000 times.


X-Factor Tweet


Niall Horan applied for The X Factor and let Twitter know about it. His post was shared 700,380 times.

It’s nice when people support others’ efforts. It makes the world a nicer place.

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