25 Most Respected Countries In The World

Every year the Reputation Institute releases a ranking of countries according to how they are perceived abroad. They measure each nation in three broad dimensions – advanced economy, appealing environment, and effective government. The economy deals with how people perceive products, brands, and technology from that country. Is the workforce reliable? Are products good quality? The environment deals with everything from the friendliness of the people to how beautiful the country is. And finally the government dimension rates how safe people would feel there, what their perceptions of social and economic policies are, how ethical the country is, and so forth. We’ll let the index do the talking though, as these are the 25 most respected countries in the world.

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GermanySource: reputationinstitute.com, Image: pixabay

Score: 69

Tying with Japan at 69 points, Germany’s reputation suffered some setbacks along with France due to the recent pressures on the European Union and the financial situation with Greece.



ItalySource: reputationinstitute.com, Image: pixabay

Score: 69.4

Although it fared poorly in governance and business environment, it did extremely well in almost every other category – lifestyle, natural beauty, friendliness, culture, popular brands, etc. Furthermore, Italians seem to be the most humble as they rated their country significantly lower than did the rest of the world.



United Kingdom

United KingdomSource: reputationinstitute.com, Image: pixabay

Score: 69.5

The UK fared slightly above average on all indicators but the one area where it broke the top 10 was education. Behind, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and the Nordic countries people rated the UK as being their top place to study.



AustriaSource: reputationinstitute.com, Image: wikipedia

Score: 71.2

Famous for its pristine beauty, strong economy, effective government, and good infrastructure, Austria is the first of the “enviable” countries on our list. These countries are the developed economies known for their systems that just work. Low corruption, good education, efficient healthcare, high quality of life, and effective safety nets characterize their societies.



IrelandSource: reputationinstitute.com, Image: wikipedia

Score: 72

Ireland’s reputation has shot up once again after economic indicators began to improve. It has always scored well in terms of appealing environment and effective government.


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