25 Most Radioactive Places On The Face Of The Earth You’ll Want To Avoid

In some form, shape or other, we are exposed to radiation everyday. However, these 25 places have a substantially higher concentration of radiation making them part of our 25 of the most radioactive places on the face of the earth. If you decide to visit any of these places, don’t get mad at us when you look at the mirror and you see an extra pair of eyes staring back at you…(OK, that’s a little far fetched…or is it?).

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Earth Metal Mining | Karunagappally, India

Karunagappally, Indiacommons.wikimedia.org

Karunagappally is a municipality in the Kollam district of Kerala, India that is home to rare earth metal mining operations. Some of these minerals, specifically monazite, have eroded into the beach sand and alluvial deposits with some coastal locations reading as high as 70 mGy/yr.


Fort d’Aubervilliers | Paris, France

Fort d’Aubervilliers, Paris, Francewww.aftrp.org

Radioactivity tests at Fort d’Aubervilliers found some serious contamination. 61 of the barrels stored on the site tested positive for cesium 137 and radium 226. Furthermore, 60 cubic meters of its soil also proved to be contaminated.


Acerinox Scrap Metal Processing Plant | Los Barrios, Spain

Los Barrios, Spainintelsur.es

In this particular incident a source for caesium-137 passed through monitoring devices in the Acerinox scrapyard. When smelted, the source caused the emission of a radioactive cloud with radiation levels 1000 times higher than normal. The contamination was later detected in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.


NASA Santa Susana Field Laboratory | Simi Valley, California

Simi Valley, Californiawww.dailynews.com

Simi Valley, California is home to the NASA Santa Susana Field Laboratory and through the years, about ten low-power nuclear reactors have been compromised due to several fires involving radioactive materials. A cleanup project for the seriously contaminated site is currently in progress.


Mayak Plutonium Plant | Muslomovo, Soviet Union

Muslomovo, Soviet Unionblog.daum.net

Because of the Mayak plutonium plant built in 1948, the people of Muslomovo in the southern Russian Urals are suffering from the effects of the radioactively contaminated drinking water which has led to chronic illnesses and physical disabilities.

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