25 Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game History

What would video games be without awesome, cool, and powerful weapons? Not much if you ask me, and it’s hard to find cooler weapons than these 25 most powerful weapons in video game history.

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Wakka’s Blitzball (Final Fantasy X)


The Blitzball is a ranged weapon that enables Wakka to hit flying enemies with normal attacks.


Shrink Ray (Duke Nukem Forever)


The shrink ray was popularized by the badly-received Duke Nukem Forever video game. Just like the fireball in Super Mario, this weapon has the ability to shrink enemies down to a laughable size.


Portal Gun (Portal 1 & 2)


Portal 1 & 2 are two of the most popular video games in history. While they are inherently fun games to play, what makes them all the more enjoyable is the aperture science portal gun which allows gamers to destroy bosses from both games.


Ness’ Home-Run Bat (Super Smash Bros. Series)


Though this weapon is not as destructive as the other weapons on this list, it is known for the unique and powerful noise it provides to gamers when playing Super Smash. When the player makes a smash attack to knock his opponent out of the playing field, it makes a satisfying “PING” sound that makes it just as popular as the hardcore weapons in other video games.


Camera Obscura (Fatal Frame Series)


This weapon in the Fatal Frame series has the ability to let someone gaze through it and see a much clearer view of evil spirits and other jump-scares. It is powerful in the sense that it has the capacity to exorcise sinister spirits like no other weapon can when it is wielded right.

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