25 Most Powerful Weapons In History

What makes a weapon powerful? The word powerful can be very subjective in this case. Causing massive annihilation is powerful but so is inciting fear in a prolonged and painful manner. Anything that can destroy lives and properties is powerful, conversely anything that can protect lives and properties from these 25 most powerful weapons in history is also equally powerful. There is no stopping any country or institution from proving to the world how powerful they can be whether by destroying their enemy or protecting their own.

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Maxim Machine Gun

25 maxim_hopper_2_tn

A self powered machine gun that could fire 600 rounds per minute which is equivalent to the firepower of 30 contemporary bolt action rifles. It has mostly been associated with British conquests and was famously used when 700 British soldiers fought off 3,000 warriors with just four Maxim guns in the Battle of Shangani.


Pumhart von Steyr

24 HGM_Pumhart_von_Steyr_tn

With a ball diameter of 80 cm, this super gun was the largest weapon used in 15th century Austria. Heeresgeschichtliches Museum at Vienna houses this monstrous bombard today.


Monster Mortar

23 Mallet_mortar_tn

The world’s largest cannon ever has a caliber of 975 mm. Created by Joseph Paixhans, this monster weapon staked its notoriety during the Siege of Antwerp in 1832.


Tsar Cannon

22 Russia-Moscow-Kremlin-Tsar-Cannon-cast-1825-2005-02_tn

This engraved cannon is the largest howitzer ever made. It weighs 38 tonnes and is 5.34 meters long. Built in 1586, this massive weapon is now being displayed at the Kremlin in Moscow Russia.


Mark I

21 Mark-1-Tank-armour_tn

The first war vehicle to be called a tank could carry 5 machine guns and 8 soldiers. Mark I had several upgrades numbered II to X but all bore the same resemblance to their “Mother”. This massive tank and its variants were used by several countries throughout the First World War.

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