25 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time

A common theme among many anime movies and TV shows is supernatural abilities beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Usually, these powers grow progressively. The hero trains and grows to overcome the villain; by the end of struggle, they’re vastly more powerful than they were before. This contrasts to superheroes like Superman, whose powers are inherent to his person. Of course, not all anime characters are like this, and some don’t have super powers at all but are keenly skilled in martial arts and combat, like Batman. But, among all the characters in anime, who are the most powerful? Here are 25 Most Powerful Anime Characters Of All Time.

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Edward Elric

edward elricSource: http://fma.wikia.com/

A child prodigy in alchemy, Edward Elric proved incredibly powerful to anyone who stood against him. Ed lost his right arm and left leg in an alchemy accident when he and his brother Al tried to bring their mother back to life. He was then fitted with automail prosthetics and could transmute them to his advantage. He is one of the only alchemists that doesn’t have to draw a transmutation circle to utilize the elements around him in combat. He can essentially create and form any object to his will and is able to copy the fighting styles and alchemy of others into his own style. Without question, Ed is a powerful force of nature. Even if he is a little short.



trunksSource: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Trunks

The son of Vegeta and Bulma in Dragon Ball Z, Trunks showed increased proficiency in training and battle, able to achieve Super Saiyan status faster than his father Vegeta. As time passed, Trunks’s power surpassed many of his peers except for Goten, who he had a rivalry with. However, as other enemies grew stronger, Goten and Trunks were frequently forced to fuse together to keep up with them in strength. Despite this, Trunks always proved to be a powerful fighter on the Dragon Ball battlefield.



BrolySource: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Broly

Broly first appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. As one of the Legendary Super Saiyans that only appear every one thousand years, Broly has unspeakable power and ultimately had to be defeated by Goku. While defeated one way or the other by the Z fighters, Broly continued to increase his strength and avoid death at every turn. Eventually achieving Super Saiyan Level 3, Broly’s villainy was always a thorn in the Z Fighters side.



inuyashaSource: http://inuyasha.wikia.com/wiki/Inuyasha

Because his father was one of the most powerful demons to ever live, Inuyasha didn’t fall far from the tree, becoming a powerful half-demon. His abilities were far ranging, including super speed, agility, strength, and durability. He lived much longer than most people and was able to transform into the Yokai form. This gave him even stronger powers. Except, in this form, he was mostly an evil, all-consuming force. Inuyasha rarely seemed to have limits with his powers, always overcoming his enemies.


Tetsuo Shima

tetsuoSource: http://akira.wikia.com/

Tetsuo was an average kid before being experimented on by the Japanese government. After the experimentation, he developed powerful telekinetic and psychic abilities. Trying to better control his powers, Tetsuo goes on a violent rampage until it eventually consumes him and the entire city in a giant explosion.

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