25 Most Popular Video Games Ever That Every Gamer Needs!

Can you guess which are the most popular video games ever? Playing video games is an extremely popular pass time all over the world. In the U.S. alone, 65% of households have a device for playing video games. Moreover, U.S. consumers spent $23.5 billion on the gaming industry in 2015 with $16.5 billion of that spent on gaming content alone. There’s no doubt about it. We love playing video games, but which video games do we like playing the most? On today’s list, we are going to look at the 25 most popular video games ever.




A real-time pet simulation video game developed for the “Nintendo DS,” “Nintendogs” sold 23.64 million copies worldwide as of March 2011 since it was first released in Japan in 2005.

The game uses the DS’s touchscreen and built-in microphone to pet a dog and to use various items. It also allows players to interact with others through the console’s wireless linkup. Nintendogs has received positive critical reception and has many awards including the 2006 Innovation Award from “PC World.”


Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy vii

One of the best titles in the series, “Final Fantasy VII” became an immediate critical and commercial success when it was first released in 1997 for the “Sony PlayStation.” A version was also released in 1998 for “Microsoft Windows PC” and for the PlayStation Network in 2009.

It sold 10 million copies by May 2010. Clearly popular, it was the first game in the series to be released using 3D computer graphics with fully-rendered characters on pre-rendered backgrounds.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA vice city

Considered to be the most visually stunning video game of the Grand Theft Auto Series, “Vice City” is the second 3D action-adventure video game that was developed by Rockstar North (DMA Design) in the UK in 2002. The same year, it became the best-selling video game of 2002 and the best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time as well.


Half-Life 2

half life 2

“Half-Life 2” is a first-person shooting game, like its predecessor, and was originally released on November 16, 2004. It took five years of development, as the game leaked on the internet, to complete the game.

It was praised for its gameplay, soundtracks, animation, storyline, and graphics when it was finally made public. It was also awarded “Game of the Decade” at the 2012 Video Game Awards. As of February of 2012, it already sold over 12 million copies, making it one of the best-selling PC games of all time.



starcraft 2

“Starcraft” is a real-time strategy based game first released in 1998 by Blizzard. Even though it was released 14 years ago, the game continues to leave a mark on the gaming world and is often considered to have  raised the bar for strategy-based games. As of 2009, the game sold over 9 million copies across the world.

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