25 Pedestrian-Friendly Cities You’ll Want To Visit

Posted by , Updated on September 14, 2018

To encourage a healthier lifestyle and move away from cars, many cities have enacted policies to be more pedestrian friendly. “Walkable” cities offer their citizens and tourists alike the opportunity to enjoy robust parks, great human scale environments, streetscapes that promote leisurely and enjoyable walks with many transportation options such as light rail, buses, and bike lanes. If cities like these peak your interest, then you need to check out these 25 Pedestrian-Friendly Cities You’ll Want To Visit.


Madison, Wisconsin

madison wisconsin

Ranked the best walkable city in 2007, this city still is included among the most walkable cities because of its extremely clean air, low accident rate for pedestrians, tons of walking paths, and the huge number of athletic shoe sales (which hints to the fact that people walk a lot).


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

trolley car

Pittsburgh boasts of a very active walking community and a dense urban layout. Littered with urban parks, riverfront trails, museums, shops, etc., Pittsburgh provides a haven for pedestrians.


Ann Arbor, Michigan

ann arbor

Ann Arbor has one the highest percentages of walking commuters, especially among Michigan cities. As a promoter of healthy living through walking, the city also houses the walking club Washentaw Wanderers, which hosts a number of walking events on a regular basis.


Chicago, Illinois


When it comes to walking experiences, Chicago has one of the top spots. The city has really good walkable destinations like the Lakefront and the Miracle Mile, high numbers of parks, open areas, and plenty of public transportation. It also houses a number of walking clubs which organize year-round walking activities.


Washington, D.C.

washington dc

Washington is a city with fascinating walking destinations both for locals and tourists. Apart from the number of festivals and conventions which create opportunities for leisure and activity walking, the city offers a lot of forested trails and artistic monuments for sight-seeing during long walks.

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