25 Most Painful-looking Scarification Tattoos You May Want To Avoid

Some people would like to have a tattoo but they are discouraged by the pain it involves. Such people may pass out just by thinking of the new tattoo method called scarification. As the name suggests, this method really is about pain, wounds and scars. Scarification involves scratching, etching, burning, or superficially cutting designs, pictures, or words into the skin as a permanent body modification. Unlike with regular tattoos, the outcome of scarification is always unpredictable, depending on variables, such as skin type, cut depth, how the wound is treated while healing etc. While some people undergo this rather brutal procedure in order to gain an original body decoration, others may also do it to experience a euphoric state that the endorphins released during the act can induce. Whatever reasons make people go through this crazy thing, check out 25 of the most painful-looking scarification tattoos. Warning: Squeamish and faint-hearted people may find these pictures very disturbing.

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