25 Most Memorable And Extraordinary Things From FIFA World Cup 2014

After a month of a real soccer frenzy, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally over. The Germans are probably still celebrating their ultimate triumph while the hosts are recovering from the historical disgrace they suffered in the semifinal. Nevertheless, most of the players and fans are back home, getting ready for the next season. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been remarkable in many ways and here are 25 of its most memorable things.

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A Brazilian Fan Dies Of A Heart Attack

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A 69-year-old supporter of the home team suffered a heart attack when watching the penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile. At least, this time there were no suicides as it happened in 1950 after Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final.


Controversial Opening Match

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The first match of the tournament between Brazil and Croatia was significantly influenced by the Japanese referees. They awarded Brazil with a very debatable penalty and later on disallowed a regular Croatian goal.


English Physio´s Injury

www.sportinglife.com England-v-Italy-World-Cup-Gary-Lewin-leaves-f_3158116www.sportinglife.com

When celebrating the equalizer against Italy, popular English physiotherapist Gary Lewin stepped on a water bottle and broke his ankle. Strangely symbolic of England´s unsuccessful campaign.


Dempsey´s Belly Goal

www.businessinsider.com clint-dempsey-scores-a-goal-with-his-stomach-puts-us-up-2-1-on-portugalwww.businessinsider.com

American forward Clint Dempsey scored in the 81st minute against Portugal and gave his team a 2:1 lead. Nothing special about goals except that this goal was scored using his stomach.


Brazil Downfall

www.sbnation.com 6EdyNwSwww.sbnation.com

The hosts were originally considered the main front runner of the tournament. Their performances, however, were far away from meeting the expectations of Brazilian fans. The ultimate disgrace came in the semifinal against Germany. Brazil lost 1:7 and their golden dream was mercilessly torn to pieces.

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