25 Most Memorable And Extraordinary Things From FIFA World Cup 2014

After a month of a real soccer frenzy, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally over. The Germans are probably still celebrating their ultimate triumph while the hosts are recovering from the historical disgrace they suffered in the semifinal. Nevertheless, most of the players and fans are back home, getting ready for the next season. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been remarkable in many ways and here are 25 of its most memorable things.

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Super Fast American Goal Against Ghana

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It only took Dempsey 32 seconds to score the opener against Ghana. It was the fastest goal of the tournament and one of the fastest in World Cup history.



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Only two players managed to score 3 goals in one match. Switzerland´s striker; Shaqiri, scored against Honduras and the best scorer of the German team; Muller, scored against Portugal.


A Giant Insect On Rodriguez´s Arm

www.csnwashington.com rodriguezbug2www.csnwashington.com

The Colombian forward became the World Cup´s best scorer. However, he got even more public attention after a huge grasshopper landed on his arm following the scored penalty goal against Brazil.


David Luiz´s Goal Against Colombia

www.telegraph.co.uk David_Luiz_2965106bwww.telegraph.co.uk

The epic free-kick goal from about 35 yards became one the most amazing goals of the World Cup.


Messi Versus Neymar

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They were the most watched players of the tournament; teammates in Barcelona but huge rivals in the World Cup. They both met the fans´ expectations and led their teams to victories. They both scored 4 goals. But the long-desired direct confrontation of these two soccer superstars never happened.

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