25 Most Memorable And Extraordinary Things From FIFA World Cup 2014

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After a month of a real soccer frenzy, the 2014 FIFA World Cup is finally over. The Germans are probably still celebrating their ultimate triumph while the hosts are recovering from the historical disgrace they suffered in the semifinal. Nevertheless, most of the players and fans are back home, getting ready for the next season. The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been remarkable in many ways and here are 25 of its most memorable things.


Super Fast American Goal Against Ghana

www.smh.com.au 1402964542157.jpg-620x349www.smh.com.au

It only took Dempsey 32 seconds to score the opener against Ghana. It was the fastest goal of the tournament and one of the fastest in World Cup history.



www.dw.de 0,,17710883_303,00www.dw.de

Only two players managed to score 3 goals in one match. Switzerland´s striker; Shaqiri, scored against Honduras and the best scorer of the German team; Muller, scored against Portugal.


A Giant Insect On Rodriguez´s Arm

www.csnwashington.com rodriguezbug2www.csnwashington.com

The Colombian forward became the World Cup´s best scorer. However, he got even more public attention after a huge grasshopper landed on his arm following the scored penalty goal against Brazil.


David Luiz´s Goal Against Colombia

www.telegraph.co.uk David_Luiz_2965106bwww.telegraph.co.uk

The epic free-kick goal from about 35 yards became one the most amazing goals of the World Cup.


Messi Versus Neymar

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They were the most watched players of the tournament; teammates in Barcelona but huge rivals in the World Cup. They both met the fans´ expectations and led their teams to victories. They both scored 4 goals. But the long-desired direct confrontation of these two soccer superstars never happened.


A Brazilian Fan Dies Of A Heart Attack

en.wikipedia.org ACTAS_Paramedics-photoen.wikipedia.org

A 69-year-old supporter of the home team suffered a heart attack when watching the penalty shootout between Brazil and Chile. At least, this time there were no suicides as it happened in 1950 after Brazil lost to Uruguay in the final.


Controversial Opening Match

www.footballtarget.com brazil-vs-croatia-world-cup-2014www.footballtarget.com

The first match of the tournament between Brazil and Croatia was significantly influenced by the Japanese referees. They awarded Brazil with a very debatable penalty and later on disallowed a regular Croatian goal.


English Physio´s Injury

www.sportinglife.com England-v-Italy-World-Cup-Gary-Lewin-leaves-f_3158116www.sportinglife.com

When celebrating the equalizer against Italy, popular English physiotherapist Gary Lewin stepped on a water bottle and broke his ankle. Strangely symbolic of England´s unsuccessful campaign.


Dempsey´s Belly Goal

www.businessinsider.com clint-dempsey-scores-a-goal-with-his-stomach-puts-us-up-2-1-on-portugalwww.businessinsider.com

American forward Clint Dempsey scored in the 81st minute against Portugal and gave his team a 2:1 lead. Nothing special about goals except that this goal was scored using his stomach.


Brazil Downfall

www.sbnation.com 6EdyNwSwww.sbnation.com

The hosts were originally considered the main front runner of the tournament. Their performances, however, were far away from meeting the expectations of Brazilian fans. The ultimate disgrace came in the semifinal against Germany. Brazil lost 1:7 and their golden dream was mercilessly torn to pieces.


Polite Japanese Fans

www.tokyoweekender.com Japanese-fans-clean-up-640x425www.tokyoweekender.com

Soccer fans do not always have a good reputation for their behavior. Supporters of the Japanese team, however, became a shinning example for others when they started cleaning up the stadium after their country ´s matches. Way to go guys.


Zuniga And Neymar Collision

lockerdome.com 01f44d892477b114bc6e81d2ac95a57220e9c6035263ccbca2c8df7d536ee7af_largelockerdome.com

Colombia´s defender Zuniga hit Neymar so hard that he broke his vertebra. Consequently, Neymar; the biggest Brazil star and the top scorer of the team, was out of the game. This might have been one of the reasons why Brazil was so harmless in the following matches.


Record–Breaking Semifinal

www.twolittlefleas.co.uk brazil-v-germany-semi-final-2014-fifa-world-cup-brazil-1www.twolittlefleas.co.uk

Without Silva and Neymar, Brazil went in as underdogs into the semifinal against Germany, yet they still hoped to keep their golden dream alive. Instead, they seemingly forgot how to play as Germany absolutely tore them to shreds in a 7-1 obliteration. It was the highest semifinal victory in World Cup history.


Van Persie´s Breathtaking Header

stcommunities.straitstimes.com vanpersie1stcommunities.straitstimes.com

His goal against Spain in the group stage was one of the most spectacular goals of the tournament. He was literally the Flying Dutchman.


The Germans

applenapps.com World_Cup_2006_German_fans_at_Bochumwikipedia.com

The Germans left no doubt that their team was the best. They breezed through the group stage, beat Algeria on round 16, France in the quarterfinal, they hammered Brazil in the semi and finally they were crowned world champions (for the fourth time) after their stunning extra-time victory over Argentina. It was their tournament indeed.


Colombia´s Goal Celebration

www.ibtimes.co.uk world-cup-goal-celebration-colombiawww.ibtimes.co.uk

Every player has his own way of celebrating goals but Colombia was really original. After scoring a goal, their whole team started dancing.


Brilliant Netherlands´ Goalkeepers Change

www.bbc.com _76075774_76075773www.bbc.com

With less than 60 seconds of 120 scoreless minutes remaining, Netherlands´ coach Van Gaal decided to change his goalkeeper, replacing Jasper Cillessen with Krul. This remarkable decision proved to be the coach´s masterstroke as Krul caught 2 penalties and got his team into the semifinal.


Social Media

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The Brazilian World Cup was also a turning point for social media. The Germany versus Brazil match became the most tweeted sport event in Twitter history. Twitter users sent more than 35 million tweets during the match.


New World Cup Goal-Scoring Record

www.dailymail.co.uk article-2664659-1F002D6D00000578-600_634x409www.dailymail.co.uk

36-year-old German forward Miroslav Klose broke Brazilian legend Ronaldo´s record for the most goals in World Cup history. In Brazil, Klose added two goals to his previous 14, which made him the greatest World Cup striker ever.


Costa Rica

www.ibtimes.co.uk costa-ricawww.ibtimes.co.uk

Their team was supposed to be the biggest outsider of the extremely difficult group D. Former champions Italy, England and Uruguay were expected to battle for the two spots in the knock out stage. But instead, Costa Rica won the group, and beat Greece on round 16. However, they lost against Netherlands on penalties in their first quarterfinal ever.


Howard´s Heroics

www.nbcnews.com ss-140702-tim-howard-saves-13www.nbcnews.com

The American goalkeeper was performing well in all his matches but on round 16 against Belgium, he was just incredible. His 16 saves in this match set the new record for the most saves by a goalie in one match in World Cup history.


Biting Suárez

endz2endz.com Suarez-bites-Chielliniendz2endz.com

This moment has become one of the Brazilian World Cup symbols. Uruguay versus Italy; with just ten minutes remaining, Urugay´s striker Luis Suárez bites Italian defender Chiellini. Suarez was later handed a 9-match ban in international matches.


James Rodriguez

guardianlv.com Rodriguez-Wins-Golden-Boot-Messi-Golden-Ballguardianlv.com

Colombia´s attacker scored 6 goals in Brazil and was awarded with the Golden Boot for the top scorer of the tournament. He scored more goals than any other player including mega-stars like Messi or Neymar.


The Spanish Failure

www.loveitsomuch.com cute flag headband for world cup 2014 spain fans-f77656www.loveitsomuch.com

Spain, the defending champion from South Africa, had to go home after the group stage. They lost both first matches and only managed to beat Australia. A very disappointing performance.


New Technology


French striker Karim Benzema´s goal against Honduras has become the first goal in soccer history to be confirmed by a new goal-line technology. This goal helped the French defeat Honduras 3:0.

We hope you enjoyed these 25 FIFA World Cup memorable moments. What was your favorite FIFA moment?

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