25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle

Since the early days of human existence conflict has been a constant in the tapestry of history and civilization. The desire for power and dominance has proven to be one of the darkest motivations for humans across the globe, and for that reason as soon as the first societies and cultures emerged the first organized militaries became a necessity. Today’s list presents the 25 Most Lethal Warriors Ever Sent Into Battle the world has ever known.

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The Māori Warriors

MaoriiSource: history-nz.org, Image: Wikipedia

According to Seamus Fitzgerald, a Māori weapons historian, the Māori people ate, slept, and drank killing and fighting. War was common among tribes in New Zealand around 1300 AD, usually over land conflicts or to gain or restore mana (spiritual power and prestige). The Māori believed that mana could only be gained from ancestors or through combat, which was the main reason why fighting played such an important role in Māori culture.


The Aztec Warriors

The Aztec WarriorsSource: aztec-history.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The Aztec Empire was one that expanded rapidly. It’s not a surprise that Aztec warriors held an important place in the culture and society of central Mexico. The life of an Aztec warrior was really short by today’s standards, around thirty-seven years, during which he fought in numerous battles.


The Apache Warriors

The Apache warriorsSource: deadliestwarrior.wikia.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

There were no specific rules for an Apache when it came to fighting except, of course, the fact that his enemy had to be killed no matter what. These merciless warriors would train from a young age to wait during battle until the last possible moment to attack. Once they were within a few feet of the enemy, at the exact same time in unison all the Apaches would let out their war scream—AAAAAAARRR!, causing terror and panic in their enemies.


The Ancient Hawaiian Warriors

The ancient Hawaian warriorsSource: ancientmilitary.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

The ancient Hawaiian warriors were the battlefield fighters who would go to war for their territory and livelihood in the Hawaiian Isles. The elite Hawaiian warriors, commonly known as the Koa, were the chiefs’ main weapons and were their most well-trained and skilled warriors. In addition to the top skills of the Koa, the chiefs would employ hundreds of infantrymen and skirmish fighters to obtain their power, retain their rule, and ensure the future success of their islands.


The Celtic Warriors

CeltsSource: britannica.com, Image: Wikipedia

It is believed that the Celts dominated Western Europe for as long as a thousand years and were a major widespread force. They were described as aggressive, intimidating fighters who would disregard body armor in battle. The basic history of the Celts traces them back to Austria, before spreading widely across Europe. The Celts lived a very simple life and didn’t create an advanced civilization like ancient Greece and Rome but remain some of the most brutal warriors mankind ever produced.

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