25 Most Insane World Records

Posted by , Updated on April 27, 2014

It’s human nature – we love to push our limits. Whether it’s a world record in the Olympics or just a personal challenge in our backyard, with every passing year new records are broken and the bar is set increasingly higher. In this list, however, we haven’t just compiled the fastest, longest, and farthest records to date but we’ve also made sure that they were the craziest, most abnormal records on the books. These are the 25 most insane world records ever.

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Largest Rubberband Ball

largest rubberband ball

Made up of over 700,000 rubber bands this record breaker was assembled in the driveway of Joel Waul in Lauderhill Florida. It is now owned by Ripley’s Believe it or not.


Largest Commercially Available Hamburger

biggest hamburger in the world

Weighing in at 164.8 pounds you can find this monstrosity at Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Southgate, Michigan for a hefty $400.


Heaviest Vehicle Pulled Over 100ft

heaviest vehicle pulled over 100ft

Reverend Kevin Faist of Canada pulled a fire truck weighing 126,200 pounds the length of the course before millions of viewers on “Live with Regis & Kelly” in New York City.


Largest Shoe

biggest shoe in the world

With the ability to fit over 30 people within it leathery interior, the world’s largest shoe can be found in Turkey standing at 5.5 meters long and 1.83 meters high.


Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth

most straws in mouth

Simon Elmore of Germany broke this record in 2009 by holding 400 straws in his mouth for 10 seconds.


Most Spoons On Face

most spoons on face

Achieved by Aaron Caissie from Canada, he managed to balance 17 spoons on his face at one time.


Longest Nose

longest nose in the world

At 8.8 cm, the longest nose in the world belongs to Mehmet Ozyurek of Turkey who broke the record by having it measured on the set of an Italian TV show in 2010.


Largest Collection of Naval Fluff

largest collection of naval fluff

A librarian in Australia recently broke this record with 22.1 gram collection of fluff that he has been collecting for the past 26 years.


Most Concrete Blocks Broken While Holding A Raw Egg

most concrete block broken while holding raw egg

Joe Alexander of Germany broke 24 concrete blocks that were arranged in three stacks of 8 all while holding a raw egg in the hand he used to deliver the blows.


Youngest Person To Climb Mount Everest

youngest person to climb mount everest

13 year old Jordan Romero from California instantly became the coolest kid in school when he broke the previous record of 16 years held by Temba Tsheri of Nepal. He made the climb with his father and several local Sherpas.


Longest Time Spent Instant Messaging

longest time spent instant messaging

For 96 hours straight (4 days) Norman Perez of California sat at his computer typing to set the first record in this category. As per Guinness Book of World Records rules he was allowed a 5 minute break every hour.


Most Snails On Face

most snails on face

In 2007 Fin Kehler had 43 snails put on his face for a total of 10 seconds to break the previous record of 36.


Most Insured Hair

most insured hair

Pittsburg Steelers Safety Troy Polamalu who is also a spokesperson for Head and Shoulders recently had his hair insured for a mindblowing $1 million.


Longest Time Spent Buried Alive

longest time spent buried alive

Zdenek Zahradka of the Czech Republic survived 10 days buried in a coffin underground with no food or water and only a breathing pipe connecting him to the outside world. The previous record was 4 days.


Tallest Man

world's tallest man

Sultan Kosen of Turkey towers at 8 feet 1 inch due to a tumor affecting his pituitary gland. As a result of several recent operations at the University of Virginia his growth has been stabilized.


Farthest Eyeball Pop

furthest eyeball pop

Measured on the set of “Guinness World Records: Primetime” in Los Angeles Kim Goodman popped her eyeballs .43 inches out beyond the confines of her eye sockets.


Farthest Milk Squirt From Eye

farthest milk squirt from eye

On September 1, 2004 at the Armada Hotel in Istanbul Turkey Ilker Yilmaz squirted milk from his eye a distance of 9 feet and 2 inches.


Heaviest Weight Pulled With Eyesockets

heaviest weight pulled with eyesockets

Chayne Hultgren of Australia, otherwise known as The Space Cowboy, pulled 907 pounds on the set of an Italian TV show on April 25, 2009


Longest Beard

longest beard in the world

Between the tip of his chin and the end of his beard Sarwan Singh of Canada achieved a record setting 2.33 meters on November 11, 2008.


Fastest Hundred Meter Run On All Fours

fastest hundred meter run on all fours

At 18.58 seconds this record was set by Kenichi Ito of Japan at Guinness World Records Day in 2008


Longest Time Spent In Direct Contact With Ice

longest time spent in direct contact with ice

Wim Hoff of the Netherland has come to be known as the Iceman as a result of his insane ability to withstand cold temperatures for extended periods of time. On January 23, 2009 he remained submerged in ice for 1 hour 42 minutes and 22 seconds to set a decisive record in the cold exposure category.


Stretchiest Skin

stretchiest skin in the world

Because of a rare disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Gary Turner of the United Kingdom can stretch his skin up to 6.25 inches.


Most T-Shirts Worn At Once

most t-shirts worn at once

On April 24, 2008 Jef Van Dijck successfully donned 227 t-shirts at once in the town of Brecht, Belgium


Longest Fingernails On Both Hands

longest fingernails on both hands

This is one of those records that can take several decades to break but Melvin Booth and Lee Redmond made the sacrifice and achieved combined fingernails lengths of 9.05 meters and 8.65 meters.


Fastest Hundred Meter Hurdle Wearing Swim Fins

fastest hundred meter hurdle wearing swim fins

We’re not sure how many people have actually taken a shot at this one but on September 13, 2008 Maren Zonker of Germany became the new world record holder with a time of 22.35 seconds

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