25 Most Insane Shootouts in History

Ever since people figured out how to propel bullets out of enclosed chambers using gun powder the face of armed conflict has been completely different. People no longer needed to be skilled with a bow or sword in order to take a life. They just had to have a functional index finger. For better or for worse (depending on who you ask) guns are not going anywhere and as a result we end up with lists like this one. These are the 25 most insane shootouts in history.

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The Aramoana Massacre

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After the shooting rampage that killed 13 people including a police officer in a small seaside town of Aramoana, New Zealand; members of the Special Tactics Group surrounded the house where the shooter, David Malcolm Gray was hiding on November 14, 1990. A gun battle ensued after the failed attempts to lure him out until Gray eventually ran out of the house, firing his rifle from the hip before being struck down. He died on his way to the hospital.


Manila Hostage Crisis


On August 23, 2010, relieved police officer Rolando Mendoza boarded a bus filled with Hong Kong tourists in Rizal Park, Manila Philippines and took everyone hostage. After freeing 4 children, senior citizens and a woman with a disability, a gun battle ensued when he was enraged with what he saw on the on-board TV broadcast showing the arrest of his brother. It took 12 hours for the SWAT team to kill Mendoza with a sniper. When the dust had settled 8 people were dead and 7 were wounded.


Acacia Hills Shootout


Rodney Ansell was an Australian bushman who became the inspiration for the “Crocodile Dundee” films. However, on August 3, 1999, he ambushed several police officers at a roadblock intersection and fatally killed one of the officers near the Acacia Hills, Northern Territory Australia. Ansell was killed in a gun fight that followed as more officers arrived on the scene.


Bonnot Gang

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When three police officers confronted anarchist Jules Bonnot in an apartment on April 24, 1912; he opened fire killing the vice-chief of the Surete Nationale before fleeing across adjacent rooftops. This has made him France’s most wanted criminal with a reward of 100,000 francs. On April 28, he was cornered in a Paris suburb and the shootout ended with the police bombing the building where Bonnot was taking cover.


Mayerthorpe Incident


The worst one-day loss of life for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 100 years occurred on March 3, 2005 as the officers were executing a property seizure on the farm of James Roszko, near the Town of Mayerthorpe in Alberta, Canada. Armed with Heckler & Koch 91, Roszko killed RCMP Constables Peter Schiemann, Lionide Johnston, Anthony Gordon, and Brock Myrol after engaging them in a shootout where he also committed suicide after being wounded.

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