25 Most Insane Runways In The World

From the unending ice of Antarctica to the sandy beaches of Scotland, be glad you’re not landing at any of these airports. These are the 25 most insane runways in the world!

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Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport (Saba)

runway facts

Both overshooting and undershooting this runway would be disastrous


Malé International Airport (Maldives)

runway facts

This is another runway without much wiggle room


Barra Airport (Scotland)

runway facts

Only for flights during the day, you can probably see why…because it’s a beach.


Gibraltar Airport (Gibraltar)

runway facts

If you look closely you’ll see a road crossing the runway. That is not a taxi way. It’s actually Winston Churchill Avenue, a relatively busy street and it has to be closed every time a plane lands.


Pegasus White Ice Runway (Antarctica)

runway facts

Serving McMurdo Station, the name of this runway says it all.

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