25 Most Insane Medieval Weapons

You will not believe some of the most insane medieval weapons people have created throughout history. Although it seems to be a rule that the insanity of warfare only increases with time, even hundreds of years ago people were already fairly creative at finding new and improved ways of killing one another. These are the 25 most insane medieval weapons ever used to dish out destruction.

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Gun Shield


Supposedly used by the body guard of Henry VIII, it was basically a wooden shield with a hole for a pistol to stick through.


Sword Breaker


With teeth on the sides meant for catching opponents swords, one flick of the wrist was enough to split them in half.


Spring Loaded Triple Dagger


Used by fencers in the middle ages, when a button was pressed, two extra blades would flip out.


Morning Star


Sometimes called the holy water sprinkler, this referred to a series of spiked weapons that were often used by peasants…although there were upscale versions as well.




Able to launch things over half a mile, the advent of these super powered catapults made castles slightly less appealing.

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