25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened

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Do you ever wonder what’s going through the mind of a robber while they’re holding up a bank? Well, we might not be able to go that deep, but today we’re at least going to meet some famous bank robbers and even take a look at some unsolved bank robberies. So, whether it was a violent shootout or an old man with a cane (yup, even old people rob banks!), these are the 25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened!

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Hakki Bahadir Atahan

drawbridgeSource: heraldsun.com.au

An immigrant to Australia, Hakki’s life took a turn for the worse when he got divorced and developed a gambling problem. Eventually, he traded in his taxi for an assault rifle and started robbing banks. He managed to pull off some lucky heists but wasn’t too good at getting away. His plan unraveled when he drove his car onto a drawbridge, the police raised it, and he came sliding down. He didn’t survive the following firefight.


Jacques Mesrine

gavelSource: independent.co.uk

After serving time in a torture squad during the Algerian war, Mesrine went on a bank heist spree throughout France and Canada. When he got caught, he escaped by taking a judge hostage. Although he had become famous in his native France, he lost popularity after torturing a reporter that ran a negative story on him. He eventually died in a shootout with police.


Knightsbridge Security Deposit Robbery

bankSource: theguardian.com

From what was once called “the most secure building in the world,” three robbers made off with nearly $70 million. Apparently, two posed as customers while the other pretended to be a guard and turned people away at the door. The Italian mastermind behind the crime was eventually killed in a police shootout.


Attila Ambrus

hockeySource: thehockeynews.com

To make a long story short, Attila escaped communist Romania by hanging to the bottom of a train. Upon arriving in Hungary, he tried out for the local hockey team and was so bad that the coach let him on out of pity. Although he never missed a practice, Attila started robbing banks for extra cash. His style, however, was quite flamboyant. He would even hand out flowers to all the female tellers during the robbery. His antics eventually caught up with him, and he got nabbed.


Anthony Curcio

constructionSource: abcnews.go.com

Anthony carried out what is possibly the craziest heist on our list. He put out a craigslist add for workers telling them to stand across the street from the bank he planned to rob. He then robbed the bank wearing exactly the same clothing he had asked the workers to wear. When police showed up, they found a large group of people wearing the same clothes as the robber. That’s a lot of suspects! Unfortunately for Anthony though, a homeless man spotted him, and he ended up getting caught.

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