25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened

Posted by , Updated on September 28, 2017


Do you ever wonder what’s going through the mind of a robber while they’re holding up a bank? Well, we might not be able to go that deep, but today we’re at least going to meet some famous bank robbers and even take a look at some unsolved bank robberies. So, whether it was a violent shootout or an old man with a cane (yup, even old people rob banks!), these are the 25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened!

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The Catt Family

construction workerSource: abcnews.go.com

Scott Catt wanted to start a bank robbery gang but just didn’t have the contacts, so he did what anybody would do…he asked his kids! His son agreed because he needed money for college, and his daughter was eventually convinced. They scouted their target by pretending to be construction workers wanting to open accounts. After the robbery, police reviewed the tapes and thought the construction vests looked too clean. They tracked them to a local Home Depot, got Scott’s credit card details, and nabbed the Catts.


Pacific National Bank

lockSource: latimes.com

In 1978, Stanley Mark Rifkin stole $10 million without even touching it. As a computer consultant, he became familiar with how wire transfers were completed between banks in the region. It turns out that passwords were changed everyday so sometimes they had to be written down. Long story short, he stole the scrap paper with the passwords, ordered a transfer, and walked away rich.


Banco Central Robbery

tunnelSource: nytimes.com

In 2005, a group of thieves pretending to be a landscaping company rented a property next to Brazil’s central bank. Why landscaping? Because then nobody would suspect all the dirt they were removing from the tunnel they had dug! Only a few suspects have been caught.


Robert Vernon Toye

caneSource: people.com

The craziest thing here…Toye was blind. He would wait outside New York Banks for a slow old person, follow them to the counter (because otherwise he couldn’t find it), and then whip out a card that said “be quick, be quiet, or you’re dead.” Once, the guard even held the door open for him on the way out. Unfortunately, his luck eventually ran out and the guards weren’t so kind!


Nicholas Walker

burning moneySource: huffingtonpost.com

Following his service as an Army medic in Iraq, Walker’s life fell apart. He got divorced, got into heroin, and eventually, he decided to rob banks. Somehow, it provided relief from his PTSD. As with some of our previous robbers, he wasn’t really concerned with the cash. He gave most of it away, burned some, and bought heroin with the rest. He was eventually caught, diagnosed with PTSD, and received treatment in prison.

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