25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened

Posted by , Updated on September 28, 2017


Do you ever wonder what’s going through the mind of a robber while they’re holding up a bank? Well, we might not be able to go that deep, but today we’re at least going to meet some famous bank robbers and even take a look at some unsolved bank robberies. So, whether it was a violent shootout or an old man with a cane (yup, even old people rob banks!), these are the 25 Most Insane Bank Heists That Actually Happened!

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Hibernia Bank robbery

Patty HearstSource: latimes.com

In 1974, Patty Hearst (granddaughter of the newspaper magnate) was snatched from her apartment in Berkeley by a cult. As crazy as it sounds, they brainwashed her into helping them rob banks like the Hibernia. Patty was eventually pardoned by President Bill Clinton.


Agricultural Bank of China Robbery

agricultural bank of chinaSource: chinadaily.com

The plan was to steal some money, win the lotto, replace what they stole, and keep the rest. The plan had actually worked for Ren Xiaofeng before. The problem was that now he got greedy and stole a much larger amount. Crazily enough, it worked again, but people eventually noticed, and Ren got caught. Unfortunately for Ren and his robber buddies, China gave them the death penalty.


British Bank of the Middle East

vaultSource: bbc.com

On January 20, 1976, a group of robbers from the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) took advantage of the chaos in Lebanon and just blew a hole in the side of the bank. They brought in their locksmiths, took their time with the vault, and walked out with the cash.


San Miguel Valley Bank Robbery

tellurideSource: telluridenews.com

Back in 1889, Butch Cassidy (yes, that was his name) and his buddies decided to rob the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, Colorado. They made off with $20,000 which would be over $1 million today!


Central Bank of Iraq Robbery

saddam husseinSource: bbc.com

Saddam Hussein managed to pull off possibly the world’s largest heist when he took $1 billion from the Iraqi Central Bank in order to “protect it from the Americans.”

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