25 Most Incredible Storms Of This Century

So far, around 500 typhoons and hurricanes have already ruffled the world just during this century. People fear these natural calamities because they do not only destroy properties but also take away lives. The most violent storms ever recorded in history have caused massive devastation in different countries around the world and have also led to the death of millions of people. Here is a list of the 25 most incredible storms of this century.

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New England, 1938


Hurricane New England made landfall on Long Island and extended up to the Connecticut River Valley. Winds brought by this storm reached 186 mph, while heavy rains brought massive flooding that killed around 600 people.


Mitch, 1998


Considered one of the deadliest hurricanes of the century, the torrential rains of Hurricane Mitch caused massive flooding that killed over 20,000 people in Nicaragua and Honduras and left thousands of families homeless.


Miami, 1926


This powerful hurricane brought 132 mph winds to Miami, putting the island of the famous Miami Beach underwater. Hundreds of people drowned and billions of dollars worth of properties were damaged.


Key Largo, 1935


Hurricane Key Largo, also known as the violent “Labor Day Storm,” was one of the most violent hurricanes to ever make landfall in the United States. It swept across the middle part of Florida with winds as fast as 200 mph and killed nearly 400 people. Most of those who survived the storm were washed over islands but were able to survive by clinging to palm trees.


Katrina, 2005


Considered the most destructive and deadliest tropical cyclone in 2005, Hurricane Katrina was also the costliest natural disaster ever recorded in the history of the United States. It killed almost 2000 people due to subsequent floods and brought property damage amounting to $80 billion.

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