25 Most Incredible Restaurant Experiences Around the World

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

What makes a restaurant incredible? It may be the food that bursts with flavor. It could be the waitstaff that does a choreographed dance number. Sometimes it’s the scenery that provides the restaurant with that extra flair.

Many things make a dining experience memorable – from the delicious food to the layout of the establishment. Across the globe, you can find restaurants that don’t just offer great food, but an unforgettable experience.

Some of these experiences include dining with giraffes or eating in the presence of wild lions. If you’re looking for a new place to eat, and you have some vacation time to spare, then read about the 25 most incredible restaurant experiences around the world.


Ninja New York, NYC


When you enter Ninja New York, you will notice that the layout looks like a Japanese village.

The staff greets you in full black Ninja gear. Not, only is the food good, but the staff puts on a great show.


O.Noir, Toronto, Canada


Eating in the dark is probably not the ideal way of dining. However, at O.Noir that’s exactly what you do.

There is no light at all; not even cellphones are permitted. The idea is that, if sight is gone, other senses become heightened. Maybe food really does taste better in the dark.


Dinner between Heaven and Earth, Montreal, Canada


At this restaurant, you have the opportunity to enjoy dinner in the sky. You will be lifted 164 feet in the air while you are safely strapped into your seat at the table.

You will be joined by the waitstaff, also carefully secured with harnesses. As long as you don’t have a fear of heights, you should be okay.


Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand


Ever wonder what it would be like to eat in a treehouse? You don’t have to wonder anymore.

At Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand, you can enjoy fine dining and perhaps relive a few special moments from your childhood.


Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya


Enjoy breakfast alongside giraffes. When you eat at Giraffe Manor, these long-necked mammals come right up to the window. You can feed them and pet them.

Giraffe Manor is part of The Safari Collection. Along with feeding giraffes, you can take part in many other fun excursions.


Restaurants at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


Experience Paris as it was intended. You and your loved one can dine on top of the Eiffel Tower as you overlook the city.

It’s an experience that millions of people would love to try. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants for you to choose from. Bon Appetit.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, yeah Spongebob, but it’s also the location of the Ithaa Undersea Restaraunt.

Eat some delicious food while taking in the beautiful ocean life. If you get seafood though, please be discreet.


The Green Dragon Pub, Hobbiton, New Zealand


Guess what, all you Lord of the Rings fans? There is a restaurant that takes on the look of the much-loved tavern from J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic trilogy.

Naturally, it’s called The Green Dragon Pub. Inside, you will see many of the same artifacts from the film, as they shot scenes from the Lord of the Rings in this pub.


El Diablo, Lanzarote, Spain


El Diablo has a different approach to cooking your menu option. They grill the food using heat from a volcano.

We aren’t sure if that adds a different type of flavor, but it definitely does sound cool. Restaraunt goers can even watch their food being prepared.


Alice in a Labyrinth, Tokyo, Japan


Celebrate your un-birthday or maybe just have dinner at Alice in a Labyrinth.

You’ll enjoy the many colorful characters from Lewis Carrol’s classic book, Alice in Wonderland, such as the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter, and, of course, Alice herself.


Dog Cafe, Los Angeles


Come for a meal, and leave with a dog. All the dogs at dog cafe are rescue dogs looking for their forever home.

At Dog Cafe, you can grab a quick cup of coffee, play with some cute dogs, and then adopt one if you’d like.


Culinair Hot Air Balloon Restaurant, Culiair, Netherlands


Not only is this the only hot air balloon restaurant you’ll find, but the chef, Angelique Schmeink, is the only chef to cook in a hot air balloon.

So, now you can cross two things off your bucket list: experience a hot air balloon, and watch a chef cook a great meal for you in one also.


Truth Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa


Truth Café is a steampunk-themed coffee bar in Cape Town, Africa. Their menu celebrates both diversity and tradition.

Steampunk, by definition, is a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.


The Snow Castle Of Kemi, Kemi, Finland


Grab your winter coats and hit up this restaurant. The Snow Castle of Kemi is located in Kemi, Finland.

Here, people will get to experience dining inside a huge snow fort. Interestingly, this restaurant is rebuilt every winter and usually lasts until April, when the Snow Castle melts.


Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero Resort, Philippines


Labassin Waterfall Restaurant lets you enjoy authentic Filipino food while gazing upon a beautiful waterfall.

Yes, you can take a dip in the waterfall for extra enjoyment … or to work off the calories you gained dining in this fine location.


Walter's Coffee Roastery, Istanbul, Turkey


Attention all Breaking Bad lovers. Do you want to enjoy some coffee in a Breaking Bad-themed café … without the drugs and violence?

Walter’s Coffee Roastery is a great option. If you do want those additional elements, sorry, we can’t help you there.


Tsavo Lion Restaurant, Bali


At Tsavo Lion Restaurant, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner and observe lions roaming around the outside.

Don’t worry, the lions can’t get to you. Besides, they’re more afraid of you than you are of them right?

No, probably not, but you should still take in this unique dining experience if you get a chance.


Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand


Attention, human! Your … dinner … is … served.

That’s our robot impression. Okay, we admit it’s not that good, but at Hajime Robot Restaurant in Thailand, your food will be brought to you by robots.

The food is made by real chefs, though, not robots.


Le 3842m, Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant, Chamonix, France


Fine dining and France go hand in hand.

How can your eating experience be heightened? How about dining on top of a mountain?

Enjoy the view, dine on some escargot, and say Magnifique!


The Rock, Michamvi Pingue, Zanzibar


The Rock in Zanzibar isn’t very big. What it lacks in size it makes up for in delicious food.

All seafood is locally harvested from the Indian Ocean. Some menu items include homemade tagliatelle served with small lobster, squid in tandoori and coconut milk with spinach, and chocolate salami with Zanzibar-spice ice cream for dessert.


Andres Carne de Res, Colombia


Are you looking to experience some fun, music, and lots of dancing? Then Andres Carne de Res is the place to go.

Also known as Bogota’s wildest restaurant, Andres Carne de Res has 500 staff members, a children’s zone, three dance floors, and a climbing zone.

They even have a dog daycare. The restaurant is so popular that it’s widely known among “foodie” circles in America.


Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, Orlando, Florida


Sometimes you don’t have to travel to another country for a unique dining experience.

At the Sci-Fi Diner in Disney World, the tables are built inside classic cars. You can eat while watching sci-fi clips on a big drive-in screen.


Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka, Himeji, Japan


At Cat Cafe Nekobiyaka, one gets to enjoy a hot cup of java while snuggling up to one of a few hundred cats.

Nekobiyaka is the first black-cat cafe in the world. It’s located in Himeji, Japan, near the train station.


Bistrot Chez Rémy, Disneyland Paris, France


Bistrot Chez Remy is a theme restaurant influenced by the Disney movie Ratatouille.

No, there won’t be a rat preparing the food. But the inside looks just like it does in the movie.


Northern Lights Bar In Ion Hotel, Iceland


Seeing The Northern Lights is something one must do in their lifetime. One way to enjoy seeing them is by going to Northern Lights Bar in Iceland.

The bar has full glass windows and a lounge for you to sit back and watch the sky as you enjoy a drink.

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