25 Most Inappropriate Secrets In Kids Shows

Posted by , Updated on May 23, 2024

Historically, children’s programming has often included hidden agendas, subliminal undertones, and inappropriate suggestive material. While some instances are more obvious than others, these elements have appeared in various forms and settings throughout the years. Parents typically anticipate that the content they permit their children to watch is safe and innocuous, but is it really? Explore this compilation of the Top 25 Most Astonishing Hidden Messages in Children’s Television Shows.



Boy Meets World Halloween Episode

Rider_StrongSource: https://www.youtube.com

Boy Meets World, for the most part, was a wholesome kids sitcom, but the Halloween episode frequently pushed the envelope. In it, Shawn (Rider Strong) says in horror movies, virgins don’t ever die. To which Cory tells Topanga, “Alright, thanks for saving me.” The others all decry that they’re dead. And then Shawn says, “I’ll get as sick as you can get without actually dying.” Yeah, we didn’t need to know any of that.


The Toy Story 3 "Hooker"

Toy_Story_logo.svgSource: http://www.complex.com

Remember when Woody and Buzz were Sid’s prisoners and they met all of Sid’s deranged and mutilated toys? One of those toys was seemingly a Barbie dolls legs attached to a toy fishing rod. If you’re not sure where this is going, we’ll spell it out for you. That toy is a “Hooker.”


"Hey, Arnold!" and Helga the Stalker

HelgaSource: http://whatculture.com/

“Hey, Arnold” was a hip cartoon on Nickelodeon back in the late 90’s. Targeted mostly to young kids and tweens, the show dealt with various childhood issues but frequently snuck in hidden innuendo that might go over kids heads. Helga is a prime example. She secretly stalked Arnold, collecting old gum and making a statue of him out of it, taking locks of his hair, and said while watching him, “Arnold you make my girlhood tremble.”


The Powerpuff Girls were the Professor's "Accident"

The_Powerpuff_Girls_logo.svgSource: https://www.youtube.com

In one episode, when the Powerpuff Girls bring over a friend, Bubbles explains to her friend the professor made them by accident in his laboratory. The professor says, “Well, what can I say?” The friend replies, “Don’t worry professor, I was an accident, too.” For a brief moment, the professor’s eyes open wide. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.



Shrek and Donkey at Lord Farquaad's Castle

shrekSource: https://www.beamly.com

In Shrek, while Shrek and Donkey stand in front of Lord Farquaad’s rather tall castle. Shrek says to Donkey, “Do you think maybe he’s compensating for something?” To which they both snicker at a joke that totally went over every kid’s head.


Rugrats and the Lonely Space Vixens

RugratsSource: https://www.youtube.com

Rugrats was a classic Nickelodeon cartoon about babies going on various adventures. Grandpa Lou Pickles frequently babysat for his son and daughter-in-law. In one episode, he rented a few movies for the kids, and one for himself called, “Lonely Space Vixens” which he was going to watch by himself. Yeah. Now our memories of Rugrats are ruined forever.


Ed, Edd, and Eddy

Ed_Edd_n_Eddy_filmSource: http://www.ranker.com

Blink and you’d miss it. On one episode in Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy’s show, their mom leaves several notes in the bathroom like “Flush” on the toilet. One sticky note, however, reads, “Don’t touch yourself.”


Animaniacs Hit on Prince

animaniacsSource: https://www.youtube.com

Animaniacs frequently pushed the innuendo envelope, including Yakko and Wakko crying out, “Hello, nurse!” anytime an attractive woman appeared. To add to that list, in one episode, Yakko tells his sister Dot to look for clues or “prints.” So, she says, “I found Prince,” as she holds the pop singer in her arms. Prince smiles and flashes his eyes at her, making a strong insinuation, and then Dot says, “I don’t think so,” before tossing him through a hole.


Looney Tunes and Yosemite Sam's Imprisonment

yosemite samSource: http://www.imdb.com

Looney Tunes itself is just one inappropriate cartoon message but the episode “Carrotblanca” that jokes about prison rape really takes the cake. As usual, Bugs Bunny tricks Yosemite Sam into going into a prison cell. Waiting inside for Yosemite is a fat, scary, sheepishly grinning prisoner with his finger up to his lips who looks like he wants something. Yosemite looks horrified, realizing what the prisoner is after.


The Fairly Odd Parents and the Paper Towels

Fairly Odd ParentsSource: http://www.teen.com

Many moments stand out as inappropriate messages in the Firly Odd Parents cartoon, but none more than the moment Timmy held a roll of paper towels in his hand and said, “I’m just going to take these towels up to my room alone, so don’t bother me.”


Harley Quinn Pie

Harley QuinnSource: http://www.imdb.com

In the episode Beware the Creeper on The New Adventures of Batman, Harley Quinn rises from a giant pie in front of the Joker. Covered in the pie, she says, “Wanna try some of my pie? I’m sure you’ll want seconds.” How in the world did this make it in a kids’ TV show?


An Arthur Close Encounter

Arthur_on_Parade_NYC_-_panoramioSource: http://www.imdb.com

If you thought certain cartoons, like innocent Arthur, wouldn’t make this list, think again. In the episode The Contest, which was an idea submitted by an actual viewer, Arthur parodies several other popular cartoons at the time, including South Park. Why the writers thought it would be a good idea to combine these two polar opposites is beyond us. However, it gets worse. The South Park episode they parodied involved Cartman being abducted by aliens and getting probed. Thankfully, the writers of Arthur didn’t take it that far, but they sure got close.


Justice League Casual Conversations

Justice LeagueSource: http://imgur.com/jWa410K

Superhero cartoons are full of short quips and snappy comebacks, but they get into inappropriate territory. In one episode of the Justice League cartoon, the Flash says, “Fastest man alive.” To which Hawkgirl quickly replies, “That’s why you can’t get a date.”


Catching a Ride on Batman Beyond

batman beyondSource: https://www.youtube.com

In the Batman Beyond episode “Golem,” Nash and Bobbi are strolling at the mall when Nash says he’s sick of it and asks Bobbi, “How about a ride?” Bobbi says, “You like that car more than me.” Then we get to the awful, snappy, not-so-hidden comeback. Nash says, “Who’s talking about cars?” She was, Nash. She was.


The “Mysterious” Coin Slot

spongebobsquarepantsSource: http://www.gurl.com

An episode of Spongebob Squarepants involves Spongebob taking ownership of a Seahorse he names Mystery. Unable to care for her while he’s at work, Spongebob ties her up outside the Krusty Krab. After he’s gone inside a regular customer approaches the restaurant and believes that Mister Krabs has installed a quarter operated kiddie ride. Deciding to try it out for himself, he looks for the coin slot. At first he has no luck but he soon finds what he’s looking for… at least he think he does.


Barney Takes Things Too Far in the Flintstones

The_FlintstonesSource: https://www.youtube.com

The Flintstones was a classic cartoon, and one you wouldn’t normally associate with hidden messages. However, in one episode, as Fred and Barney are shopping, Barney says, “I think I’ll get something that makes me look taller.” Fred replies, “How about another head?” Then comes the cringe-worthy punchline no child should hear. “Another one? What would I need three of them for?”


The Lion King Poster

The Lion King PosterSource: http://baklol.com

Disney has always been accused of hiding subliminal messages in their cartoon movies and posters. As you can see, this poster of The Lion King will scar your childhood memories for life. There’s no way to unsee this.


Johnny Bravo

johnny bravoSource: http://www.ranker.com

Johnny Bravo is supposed to be a smooth, Elvis-type, but occasionally they threw him down in the gutter. In one episode, he was invited over to a birthday party by a little girl named Suzy to which Johnny replies, “I’m busy. Call me in fifteen years when you’re a co-ed.” Not cool.


Spongebob Squarepants and the Krusty Krab

krusty krab

We had to bring Spongebob back one more time. This particular hidden message is kind of low-hanging fruit, but it bears mentioning. Spongebob lives in an underwater town called Bikini’s Bottom. He works at the Krusty Krab. The Krusty Krab in Bikini’s Bottom. Take a second to think about it.


Dexter's Laboratory and the Dancer

dee dee & dexterSource: http://dexterslab.wikia.com

Dexter’s Laboratory is about a young boy genius consistently being sabotaged by his sister’s idiocy. In one episode, he gets rid of his sister and replaces her with a much older attractive blonde woman. After telling the woman he’d like to see her dance, the woman replies, “Okay, but it’s fifty bucks extra.”


Spider-Man's Webs Mean Something Else

spider-manSource: https://www.youtube.com

Spider-Man’s known for his snarky jokes, getting under the skin of any villain that crosses him. However, in this one particular episode while fighting the Black Cat, the writers of the Spectacular Spider-Man make a semen joke about his webs. While shooting one of his webs at the Black Cat, hitting her hand, the Black Cat says, “Better not get your goop in my hair.” To which Spider-man replies, “Don’t worry. It comes out with ice or peanut butter.” Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man suddenly takes on a whole new, horrible meaning.


Rocko's Modern Life

Rocko's_Modern_Life_logoSource: http://www.teen.com

Rocko’s Modern Life was the pre-cursor to Spongebob Squarepants except arguably dirtier. For instance, Rocko visits the office of Dr. Bendova at one point, and also visits a place with the sign that says, “Demo Pit Jack-All-You-Want.” But it’s the really questionable gestures that Rocko’s friend Heffer makes under a sheet that put this show in an outrageously inappropriate territory.


Tiny Toons Stealing Beer

tiny toonsSource: https://www.youtube.com

Tiny Toons was the 90’s spin-off show of Looney Tunes, dealing with the smaller, child-like counterparts. In the episode “One Beer,” Buster steals a beer from his parent’s fridge and tries to peer pressure his friends into drinking it. The constant references to alcohol eventually got the episode banned.


Happy Feet Penguin Positions

happy feetSource: https://www.youtube.com

Happy Feet is a beloved children’s movie about penguins in the arctic. Little do parents and kids know the very subtle, quick, and inappropriate sexual positions referenced during a fight between two of the penguins. While they’re sliding around, the penguins make the positions before a larger penguin knocks them both into the water.


Frozen Foot Size

hans and annaSource: https://www.youtube.com

Frozen has been one of the biggest Disney cartoon hits within the last few years. Every parent in the world is still trying to get the hit song, “Let It Go” out of their heads. Most consider it a pretty clean movie. However, in the scene where Anna and Kristoff are riding in the sleigh. Kristoff asks Anna a slew of questions about her new boyfriend including, “How big are his feet?” Anna replies, “That doesn’t matter.” We’re going to let you figure that one out on your own.

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