25 Most Inappropriate Secrets In Kids Shows

Kids shows have a long history of hidden propaganda, messages, and inappropriate innuendo. Sometimes it’s easier to spot than others, but many people over the years have picked up on it in all sorts of places. Parents usually hope most of the things they’re letting their kids watch are safe. But are they? Here are the 25 Most Inappropriate Secrets In Kids Shows.

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Boy Meets World Halloween Episode

Rider_StrongSource: https://www.youtube.com

Boy Meets World, for the most part, was a wholesome kids sitcom, but the Halloween episode frequently pushed the envelope. In it, Shawn (Rider Strong) says in horror movies, virgins don’t ever die. To which Cory tells Topanga, “Alright, thanks for saving me.” The others all decry that they’re dead. And then Shawn says, “I’ll get as sick as you can get without actually dying.” Yeah, we didn’t need to know any of that.


The Toy Story 3 "Hooker"

Toy_Story_logo.svgSource: http://www.complex.com

Remember when Woody and Buzz were Sid’s prisoners and they met all of Sid’s deranged and mutilated toys? One of those toys was seemingly a Barbie dolls legs attached to a toy fishing rod. If you’re not sure where this is going, we’ll spell it out for you. That toy is a “Hooker.”


"Hey, Arnold!" and Helga the Stalker

HelgaSource: http://whatculture.com/

“Hey, Arnold” was a hip cartoon on Nickelodeon back in the late 90’s. Targeted mostly to young kids and tweens, the show dealt with various childhood issues but frequently snuck in hidden innuendo that might go over kids heads. Helga is a prime example. She secretly stalked Arnold, collecting old gum and making a statue of him out of it, taking locks of his hair, and said while watching him, “Arnold you make my girlhood tremble.”


The Powerpuff Girls were the Professor's "Accident"

The_Powerpuff_Girls_logo.svgSource: https://www.youtube.com

In one episode, when the Powerpuff Girls bring over a friend, Bubbles explains to her friend the professor made them by accident in his laboratory. The professor says, “Well, what can I say?” The friend replies, “Don’t worry professor, I was an accident, too.” For a brief moment, the professor’s eyes open wide. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.



Shrek and Donkey at Lord Farquaad's Castle

shrekSource: https://www.beamly.com

In Shrek, while Shrek and Donkey stand in front of Lord Farquaad’s rather tall castle. Shrek says to Donkey, “Do you think maybe he’s compensating for something?” To which they both snicker at a joke that totally went over every kid’s head.

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