25 Most Impressive Magic Tricks Ever

There is something mystical about magic that always captivates the imagination. Magicians have a special ability to magnetize an audience with flashes, style, and presentations. We can’t help but to be big fans of those who do tricks that can fool the eye. Then again, some of these presentation are so shocking, grandiose, and astounding that they leave you wondering; “Are they really tricks?” If you are a skeptic, you may just become a believer after watching these 25 most impressive magic tricks ever.


Richard Ross Hand Ability Routine

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Richard Ross was well received by the audience due to his impressive stage performance. Viewers loved his amazing array of hand tricks with rings and other props. Check out this short clip to see one of his ring acts.


David Blaine Turns Coffee into Coins

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The magical performances of David Blaine which aired on TV garnered high ratings due to their impressive results. One of these performances was the impressive act in which David Blaine was able to turn coffee inside a coffee cup into money which he then gave to the beggar holding the cup.


Derren Brown – Smoke

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Derren Brown is a highly regarded mentalists. He is able to perform memory feats, hypnosis and has been able to display highly developed mental abilities including mind control and clairvoyance.


Roller Coaster Death Trick

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Lance Burton is famous for his numerous tricks and has the world’s longest tenured magic show. He started performing magic at the age of 5 and continues to astound the world for his innovative magic tricks.


Concrete Drill Entering the Body Trick by Thomas Black Thorne

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There are a lot of magicians performing the swallowing of a sword trick, but it is not as elaborate as the swallowing of a round concrete drill while the engine is running. Audiences were stunned when this act was shown on German television.

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