25 Most Important Medicines Throughout History

Since the earliest human civilizations, medicines have been an important part of staying healthy and treating diseases. From treating a cough to curing Polio, humans have discovered many ways to combat a wide array of illnesses. While we’ve made progress unlike anything in history, we also have a long way to go. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many autoimmune diseases are still major problems. But, what has been our major achievements in medicine? Here are 25 Most Important Medicines Throughout History.


The Capsule

capsulesSource: https://capsuleconnection.com

While capsules themselves aren’t medicine, their invention was helpful for doctors to administer medicine to patients. Medicine was quite bitter and bad tasting, so they’d use things like honey to help swallow it. Capsules helped solve all that.



etherSource: http://www.pbs.org/

While surgeons don’t use Ether anymore for surgical procedures, during its time, it opened up new doors for various surgical practices and helped push medicine forward.



ritalinSource: http://www.webmd.com

Adults and children who suffer from ADHD can experience significant problems at work and in the classroom. Ritalin helps them with attention and impulse control.



viagraSource: https://www.drugs.com/

While it might seem a little weird putting Viagra on this list, it is kind of a wonder drug. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction and being able to have physical intimacy is important for a person’s health.



morphineSource: http://www.pbs.org

On the one hand, Morphine has helped many people overcome extreme pain. For that, it’s an amazing modern discovery. The downside, of course, is an abuse of the drug and the current opiate epidemic.

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