25 Most Important Events In History

Mapping the most important events in history is a daunting task. With all that has happened over the course of 5,000 years of human history, how, you might be asking, can we dwindle it down to 25 things? Obviously, there were plenty of other events that occurred which had wide-ranging consequences. Out of all the kings, rulers, leaders, assassinations, wars, and innovations changing the progress of mankind, what were some of the most consequential that reverberated throughout the world? That’s what we’re here to discover. So, ready to hop into a time machine and travel back in time? Here are 25 Most Important Events In History.

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Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire

genghis khanSource: https://www.diplomacy.edu/resources/books/reviews/genghis-khan-and-making-modern-world

Let’s hop over to Asia now and look at Genghis Khan, the ruler of one of the largest empires in human history. Few would actually point to Khan as someone who radically changed history, but his Mongol Empire had sweeping effects in their time and beyond. First, the Mongolian army was a terror, conquering, slaughtering, and pillaging wherever they went. But they were also good at being pragmatic and including and adopting all cultures to please the masses and maintain control. By almost uniting Eurasia, they were able to spread technologies like paper, gunpowder, the compass, and even trousers.


The Black Death

black deathSource: https://www.livescience.com/2497-black-death-changed-world.html

The Black Death, also known as the Bubonic Plague, earned its name by spreading across Europe and leaving thousands of dead bodies in its wake. By the end, 75 million people are estimated to have died. Afterward, with a human shortage in Europe, serfs could now have their pick of who to work for, resulting in better conditions for them and their families. People were much more bitter towards the Catholic Church, and anti-Semitism grew with many claiming the Jews started it in the first place.


The Fall of Constantinople

The_Fall_of_Constantinople,Source: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/865580842/This-week-in-history-The-Fall-of-Constantinople-had-profound-consequences.html

Built by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 330 CE, Constantinople served as the Byzantine Empire’s capital for centuries. Famous for its impervious walls, few thought it could actually be conquered. However, with the rise and spread of Islam, the capital eventually fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. With the Ottoman Turks now having a foothold in Europe, the balance of power suddenly changed. Many Greeks converted to Islam or fled west. The conquest symbolized a victory for Islam as they saw Constantinople as an affront to them.


The Renaissance

renaissanceSource: http://www.joh.cam.ac.uk/influence-renaissance

During the time of the Middle Ages and the Black Death, education and knowledge were relatively stagnant. But starting in the 15th century, there was a rebirth of knowledge, art, and culture that started in Italy and spread across Europe. This Renaissance (rebirth) brought with it new technologies and advancements, which created more prosperity and wealth.


The Gutenberg Printing Press

Gutenberg.pressSource: https://www.livescience.com/2569-gutenberg-changed-world.html

One of the greatest inventions of the Renaissance was The Gutenberg Printing Press. Gutenberg took the idea of printing from Asia but made it much easier and more efficient with his press. The first books he printed were Bibles, and they were all sold before he even finished them. The printing press fanned the flames of reading, education, and knowledge with the new capability of mass printing books that would have previously been copied by hand.

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