25 Most Horrible Ways To Die We All Want To Avoid

It’s a sad irony we enter the world one way but have plenty of doors to make our final exit. Death isn’t ever pleasant but some ways are certainly much worse than others.

If most people had to choose, we’d guess it would be to die in their old age surrounded by family. Unfortunately, we rarely get to choose and some deaths come thrusting upon us without notice and escape. But, of all the ways to die, which are the most horrific? Here are 25 most horrible ways to die we all want to avoid.

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Stoned to Death

stonedSource: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3465227/Two-teenage-girls-stoned-death-ISIS-house-two-men-flogged-50-times.html

Being stoned to death was a common form of capital punishment in ancient times. Today, it’s practiced in the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia. Usually, it involves a group of people who repeatedly throw large, jagged stones at the accused until they drop dead.


Dragging Death


A Dragging Death usually involves a carriage or automobile with a rope tied around your hands or legs while the vehicle drags your body down a road. Being dragged behind a car going at high speeds will scrape your skin, pummel your muscles, and break plenty of bones. Most people who have endured this torture have rarely made it out alive.



RehydrationSource: http://www.popsci.com/dehydration-death-thirst-water

Water is vital to the body. You can’t last past three days without it. The process of dying by dehydration is slow and agonizing. The ravenous thirst alone will drive you crazy. But, on day three, if you haven’t had water, your body will overheat and your liver and kidneys will fail.



drowningSource: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs347/en/

About 360,000 people die of drowning worldwide annually. Usually, children with greater access to bodies of water are at the most risk. Humans can’t breathe in water. So as the water fills up their lungs, they slowly asphyxiate. This process is slow, painful, and frankly, terrifying.



decapitationSource: http://www.salon.com/2015/02/03/what_a_beheading_feels_like_the_science_the_gruesome_spectacle_and_why_we_cant_look_away/

As far as human history goes, decapitation is one of the more common ways to die. Warriors cut off the heads of their victims as trophies. Governments utilized guillotines or axes to administer the capital punishment. And many accidents have occurred with the end result of a head coming off. The gruesome practice can sometimes be quick, but if administered incorrectly, could take much longer. Even if it is quick, scientists believe the acute pain could be excruciating.

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