25 Most Hardcore Snipers In History

Posted by , Updated on November 24, 2022

Imagine hiding out in -40 degrees for weeks at a time just south of the arctic circle where it’s dark for half the year. You’re in the woods with nothing but a sniper rifle and the entire Russian army is looking for you. Congratulations, you’ve made the list. These are the 25 most hardcore snipers in history.


William “Billy” Dixon

William “Billy” DixonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He defended the Adobe Walls settlement against an Indian attack using his legendary rifle. He has also been one of only eight civilians to receive the medal of honor


Zhang Taofang

Zhang TaofangSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

As a Chinese sniper he fought in the Korean War and had 214 kills in just a month.


Billy Sing

Billy SingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

An Australian sniper, Billy racked up 150 confirmed kills during WWI


Craig Harrison

Craig HarrisonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This British sniper achieved the longest confirmed kill shot in history from nearly 2.5km away (2,475 meters)


Thomas “Tom” Horn, Jr

Thomas “Tom” Horn, JrSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A lawman in the Old West, he was known for shooting cattle rustlers at long range



JubaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This alleged Iraqi sniper was featured in numerous pieces of propaganda during the Iraq War boasting about how many Americans he had killed. Whether he is real or fictional has never been confirmed


Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmila PavlichenkoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Serving in the Soviet Army she had 309 confirmed kills during WWII making her the most successful female sniper in history


Erwin Konig

Erwin KonigSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Like Juba, his authenticity and existence has never been confirmed but this German officer supposedly dished out some real damage during the Battle of Stalingrad (the image is only a scene from Enemy At The Gates in which he is portrayed)


Timothy Murphy

Timothy MurphySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This American sniper is known for having killed British general Simon Frasier during the Battle of Saratoga


Rob Furlong

Rob FurlongSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A Canadian sniper, Rob held the record for longest shot in history until he was surpassed by Craig Harrison (#22)


Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard

Hesketh Hesketh-PrichardSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A British hunter and marksman, Hesketh made a significant contribution to British sniping practices during the First World War


Marcus Luttrell

Marcus LuttrellSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

As a Navy SEAL Marcus is known for being the last surviving member of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan. A movie (Lone Survivor) was later filmed regarding this event.


Matthaus Hetzenauer

Matthaus HetzenauerSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The most famous German sniper on the Eastern Front in World War II racked up 345 kills


Vasily Zaytzev

Vasily ZaytzevSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Soviet sniper was known for his lethality during the Battle of Stalingrad. With 242 kills, 11 of those were enemy snipers.


Lon Horiuchi

Lon HoriuchiSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This FBI sniper is known for having been involved in both the controversial Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents.


Jack Hinson

Jack HinsonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A farmer that was known for engaging Union troops during the American Civil War, he recorded 36 kills (pretty good for his time).


Ivan Sidorenko

Ivan SidorenkoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This lethal Soviet sniper is credited with 500 alleged kills during the Second World War.


Hiram Berdan

Hiram BerdanSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He was famous for commanding the 1st and 2nd US sharpshooters during the American Civil War.


Ben Roberts-Smith

Ben Roberts-SmithSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Australian sniper was awarded the Medal of Gallantary for his actions during Operation Perth in Afghanistan in 2006.


Aaron Perry

Aaron PerrySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

In 2002 this Canadian sniper broke the 34 year record for longest sniper kill during the war in Afghanistan. Another soldier in his unit Rob Furlong (#16) broke the new record only a few days later


Francis Pegahmagabow

Francis PegahmagabowSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A native Canadian sniper who was credited with 378 kills during World War I.


Gary Gordon and Randy Shughart

Gary Gordon and Randy ShughartSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Members of US Delta Force, they were posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for their fatal attempt to protect a downed helicopter crew during the Battle of Mogadishu.


Thomas Plunkett

Thomas PlunkettSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Irish soldier was made famous for his fatal 600 meter shot of French General Auguste-Marie-François Colbert during the Peninsular War in 1809.


Chris Kyle

Chris KyleSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Made popular by the movie and book American Sniper, Chris Kyle has been credited with being the deadliest sniper in US history. With 160 confirmed kills during his deployment to Ramadi, insurgents labeled him the “Devil of Ramadi”.


Simo Häyhä

Simo HäyhäSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This Finnish sniper was truly a cut above the rest. Nicknamed “White Death” by the Red Army, during World War II he logged 542 kills. This all took place in just over 3 months meaning he averaged over 5 kills per day. And keep in mind temperatures were between −40 °C (−40 °F) and −20 °C (−4 °F). And oh yea, there was barely any daylight.

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