25 Most Hardcore Snipers In History

Imagine hiding out in -40 degrees for weeks at a time just south of the arctic circle where it’s dark for half the year. You’re in the woods with nothing but a sniper rifle and the entire Russian army is looking for you. Congratulations, you’ve made the list. These are the 25 most hardcore snipers in history.

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JubaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This alleged Iraqi sniper was featured in numerous pieces of propaganda during the Iraq War boasting about how many Americans he had killed. Whether he is real or fictional has never been confirmed


Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmila PavlichenkoSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Serving in the Soviet Army she had 309 confirmed kills during WWII making her the most successful female sniper in history


Erwin Konig

Erwin KonigSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Like Juba, his authenticity and existence has never been confirmed but this German officer supposedly dished out some real damage during the Battle of Stalingrad (the image is only a scene from Enemy At The Gates in which he is portrayed)


Timothy Murphy

Timothy MurphySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This American sniper is known for having killed British general Simon Frasier during the Battle of Saratoga


Rob Furlong

Rob FurlongSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A Canadian sniper, Rob held the record for longest shot in history until he was surpassed by Craig Harrison (#22)

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