25 Most Hardcore Snipers In History

Imagine hiding out in -40 degrees for weeks at a time just south of the arctic circle where it’s dark for half the year. You’re in the woods with nothing but a sniper rifle and the entire Russian army is looking for you. Congratulations, you’ve made the list. These are the 25 most hardcore snipers in history.

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William “Billy” Dixon

William “Billy” DixonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

He defended the Adobe Walls settlement against an Indian attack using his legendary rifle. He has also been one of only eight civilians to receive the medal of honor


Zhang Taofang

Zhang TaofangSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

As a Chinese sniper he fought in the Korean War and had 214 kills in just a month.


Billy Sing

Billy SingSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

An Australian sniper, Billy racked up 150 confirmed kills during WWI


Craig Harrison

Craig HarrisonSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This British sniper achieved the longest confirmed kill shot in history from nearly 2.5km away (2,475 meters)


Thomas “Tom” Horn, Jr

Thomas “Tom” Horn, JrSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

A lawman in the Old West, he was known for shooting cattle rustlers at long range

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